Providing Exceptional Service to Ottawa Homeowners Since 2004

Founded by Dave and Wendy Smythe and originally named DS Plumbing (from Dave’s initials), the company was run from the spare bedroom and garage in their home. While Dave worked all day by himself on small plumbing projects in customers’ homes, Wendy was answering the telephone and scheduling jobs for the days ahead back home while also looking after two small boys.

Out Of This World Today

Since then, we have grown our team and services slowly but steadily, focusing on only hiring the best in the field. We believe that quality over quantity is the path to long-term success for Out Of This World.

In 2019, Dave and Wendy decided it was time for a name change and rebrand of the company. After realizing that ‘DS Plumbing’ gives off a small-town plumbing service feel, they decided to rename to something that fit their visions for the company’s future – to go above and beyond. And thus, Out of This World Plumbing was born.

Moving Forward

While Out of This World Plumbing is still highly known as DS Plumbing in Ottawa, we plan to do so much more than just plumbing in the future. Even though residential plumbing continues to be our main focus, we also provide solutions for water treatment and cleanliness as we believe our customers deserve the healthiest water for their families.

We are pleased to be working towards including HVAC, electrical, cleaning, roofing, and more to our repertoire of services in the years to come.

Dreaming Of Stars

The new name ‘Out of This World Plumbing’ also represents the dream Dave has had since his childhood – to go to space! 

And, as it happens, to be the first plumber is space! With help from companies such as Virgin Galactic and SpaceX getting close to commercializing flights to space, Dave’s dream appears to be materializing sooner than later!

A Commitment to Fun

We believe that delivering an ‘Out of This World’ customer experience starts with creating a positive ‘Out Of This World’ employee experience. 

Maintaining a positive and supportive workplace is one of our highest company values, and we build our strong company culture in many ways…

  • Team breakfasts
  • ‘Joke of the day’
  • Volunteering
  • Mentorship
  • Investing in employees’ education
  • After-work social events and gatherings
  • Celebrating pride week and individual holidays (such as Take Your Cat to Work Day)

Keep Smiling

We are constantly finding ways to keep our team smiling!

We have a lot of fun at Out of This World, and we don’t take ourselves too seriously. Just check out some videos we’ve made! 

For more laughs—as well as some excellent homeowner education—subscribe to our Youtube channel!

A Commitment to Community

At Out of This World Plumbing, we aim to make a difference in our local community.

We are excited to support Canadian businesses, especially those near us in the Ottawa area, such as bakeries, breweries, artists, printing companies, charity shops and more! We also love to support international companies and individual creators too!