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Community Involvement

Cat food drive cans collected under Christmas tree

Christmas:  Cat food drive for Country Cat Sanctuary

A Commitment to Community

At Out of This World Plumbing, we aim to make a difference in our local community.

We are excited to support Canadian businesses, especially those near us in the Ottawa area, such as bakeries, breweries, artists, printing companies, charity shops and more! We also love to support international companies and individual creators too!

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Helping Our Furry Friends

Animal welfare is a major aspect of our team’s values and vision. We’ve had booths at the Ottawa Wiggle Waggle Walkathon with the Ottawa Humane Society for a few years in the past to support the local dog community (as well as the occasional cat!).

When available, team members from Out Of This World volunteer for animal charities in the area. We love to support stray animal shelters and sanctuaries, home pet-sitting businesses, animal photographers and really any company that donates and/or aids in the health and safety of animals!

Dave is on the Board of Directors for OSCATR (Ottawa Stray Cat Rescue). As the office at Out Of This World is fairly spacious, every few months we have volunteers from OSCATR come to make cat shelters for strays during the cold months.

And, if you haven’t seen it already, we have three lovely office cats—Jake, Garfield and Spook—that live, sleep and play at Out of This World Plumbing!

Other Community Initiatives We Support

  • Country Cat Rescue – Visit Country Cat Rescue’s website  – we support Country Cat when we can. One of our staff volunteers here weekly.
  • We donate $1 per invoice to our homeowners’ choice of charity- $1 per invoice soon adds up!
  • We support the LGBTQ+ community via Ottawa pride parade and Queer Sphere Expo. We ARE LGBTQ+ friendly, and not just during Pride Month. We see so many businesses jumping on the bandwagon to show their “support for the community” during 1/12 months of the year, with rare (if any!) effort to support LGBTQ+ people. Please know that whenever you are interacting with our team—whether that be on the phone or in your home—you never have to be someone else; please don’t feel like you need to act or speak differently, or hide your pride flags or put away photos of you and your partner. In your home, you deserve to feel respected, at ease, and perfectly YOU!
  • Sponsor an award and a scholarship for women in the trade and top academic student at Algonquin College– award for Top Female in Pre-Plumbing Course and Scholarship for top academic student in Pre-plumbing course
  • Providing drinking toilets for the Hollibell Foundation walkathon
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