Dave Smythe


Dave is a licensed plumber, gas & well technician, and certified home inspector. He and his wife Wendy moved to Canada from the U.K. over 20 years ago and started the company (then DS Plumbing) in 2004. Dave has a passion for helping animals in need, and is the chair of the board for Ottawa Stray Cat Rescue.

Dave has a dream to be the first plumber in space… and has even met with Virgin Galactic in hopes to make his dreams become a reality when they start space tours!

Wendy Smythe


Wendy is originally from the Windsor, Enlgand. Before moving to Canada she worked as a nurse and met Dave when he was one of her patients following an accident. In her spare time, you’ll often find both her and Dave out in the community supporting local charities and causes. Wendy is also the co-author of There’s Nothing Sexy About Plumbing (…or is there!).

Marc Chartrand

Licensed Plumber I Gas Technician I Water Treatment Specialist

Marc has been with Out of This World Home Services for 5 years. He likes taking on large-scale, challenging projects and renovations. He is also an expert in rural water treatment. On his off-time he enjoys camping in his trailer with his wife Cassandra, and their 2 boys – both future plumbers!

Craig Muir

Licensed Plumber I Water Treatment Specialist

Craig joined our team when he moved to Canada from the U.K. with his wife, 6 years ago. In his spare time you’ll find him working on his house, or watching Formula One racing.

Craig loves to share is knowledge, and his always happy to spend extra time with homeowners answering questions about their home

Trevor Sisson

Licensed Plumber I Gas Technician I Water Treatment Specialist

Trevor came to us after graduating from Plumbing Techniques program at Fleming College. He is also a graduate of Algonquin’s Gas Technician program.  What Trevor loves most about plumbing is the ability to problem solve, and enjoys taking on a challenge. He also enjoys getting to meet new people everyday. In his spare time he is a board game enthusiast and enjoys a competitive game with his wife and family. He and his wife Cassandra keep busy with 2 little boys, 2 cats and pug.

Garry Kelly

Licensed Plumber

Garry is originally from London, England – where he met his Canadian wife. He joined Out of This World Plumbing shortly after making the leap across the pond, about 5 years ago. He loves to help people, which is what he enjoys most about being a plumber. Outside of the job, he plays soccer and he and his wife are kept very busy with their 2 little girls.

Sean Barclay

Plumbing Apprentice

Sean became part of the Out of This World family last year, and started as a labourer before we quickly took him on as an apprentice. When not learning to master his trade, you’ll find Sean in the gym or out with his friends.

Brandon Chabassol

Plumbing Technician

Brandon moved from Trenton, Ontatio to join Out of this World Home Services in 2018. He is a big sports fan and loves to play golf. What he enjoys most about his job is the ability to learn something new each day, and working with a great team.

Tara Sisson

Growth & Marketing Coordinator

Tara started working for the company many years ago while a student at Algonquin College, and re-joined the team full time several years later. Prior to graduating, she won a national marketing competition.  Tara looks forward to being a part of the future growth of Out of This World as it expands to offer new services.

Mary Poulton

Customer Service Representative | Office Administrator

Mary is your first point of contact when you call, text, or email Out of This World Home services on weekdays. She has a shitzu puppy named Winston, and when the weather is nice, she spends her weekends at her cottage in Barry’s Bay.

Nancy Smith

Office Manager

Nancy has been managing the office for 7 years. When she is not keeping the office organized, she is busy working on her farm. Arkhaven Farm takes in animals with health issues, who would otherwise have been put down. Her farm-family includes 2 horses, 3 donkeys, 3 dogs, and 10 cats. Nancy enjoys working with an amazing team.