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Ottawa Plumber fixing toiletMost houses in Barrhaven are between 15 and 55 years old — not exactly historic, but no longer young, either.

Out of This World has completed thousands of plumbing repairs in Barrhaven, and we’ve taken note of common issues you are likely to find in each neighbourhood. All our plumbers are licenced, certified and highly trained.

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Residential Plumbing in

Barrhaven is a bustling community established as a suburb of Ottawa in the 1960s. The population census in 2016 states almost 90,000 people call Barrhaven home. Most housing stock in Barrhaven will be between 15 and 55 years old — not exactly historic, but no longer young, either.

One of the ways Barrhaven homes are showing their age is with the increasing numbers of plumbing issues. Out of This World has completed thousands of plumbing repairs in Barrhaven, and we’ve taken note of common issues you are likely to find in each neighbourhood.

Your Trusted Barrhaven Plumbers

All our techs are thoroughly trained and background checked, and our plumbers are Red Seal certified. We are committed to treating you, your home, and your pets (not to mention your plumbing system) with respect – 100% satisfaction guaranteed!

But don’t just take our word for it. Look at all the approvals and awards that our outstanding customer care has earned us: Baeumler Approved, Consumer Choice “Ottawa’s Best Plumbing Contractor” (3 years running), “Best of HomeStars Award” (6 years), and Top Choice Award (7 years in a row).

Signs of a Water Leak

Stay alert to the following signs that tend to indicate a water leak somewhere in your house. If you notice any of them, turn off the water valve and contact us for help.

  1. Unexplained spike in your water bill. When your water bill suddenly shoots up 10-20% for no apparent reason, that’s a clue you probably have a hidden water leak.
  2. Bubbling, discoloured, or peeling paint. Excess moisture from a hidden leak often affects the appearance or texture of paint on your walls or ceiling.
  3. Mysterious warm spots. Run your hands along the walls. If you feel any strange warm spots, you most likely have a big, noticable leak on your hands. 
  4. Sound of dripping or trickling water. If you hear what sounds like running water coming from behind your wall – when no one is using your faucets, shower, or toilet — believe your ears and contact us for a leak inspection ASAP.
  5. Mould or mildew. When mould or mildew shows up on your walls, that’s a clear sign of excess damp – frequently caused by a plumbing leak. Even before it’s visible to the eye, mould growth may become obvious in the form of a musty, acrid smell.
  6. Wet floor or drywall. Wet or mouldy flooring, carpet, or drywall is a definite warning signal that water is flowing from somewhere.
  7. Water meter reading. Now, not all water meters can be read, so first check if your water meter has a legible dial. Avoid using any water in your house for the next 2 hours; then check the meter once again. A change in the reading will confirm that you do, indeed, have a leak.

Our Plumbing Services

During our cold Ottawa winters, plumbing pipes can easily freeze, especially when the temperature drops below -15° C. Frozen pipes are no joke. Not only do they leave you and your family without running water, built-up pressure may also cause them to burst. You can entirely avoid this if they are taken care of promptly and avoid serious water damage to your home.

Out of This World Plumbing will provide expert emergency plumbing repair to your Bells Corners home before your frozen pipes lead to a disaster. We can also teach you how to winterize your plumbing to prevent frozen pipes in the future.

Learn more about getting your frozen pipes fixed

Another type of plumbing emergency is a non-functioning toilet. If you have a clogged toilet, a toilet leak, a toilet that doesn’t flush, or any other sort of trouble with this essential plumbing fixture, don’t worry. The Out of This World Plumbing team is ready and able to handle the problem.

We will arrive equipped with all the tools and parts we will need, troubleshoot the issue, and tackle the repair – quickly accurately, and professionally. We repair all models of residential toilets. Are you in need of a new toilet or help with installation? Have you identified a leak that needs addressing? We’ll take care of that as well.

Learn more about our toilet repairs

A faucet repair or replacement might seem simple … until you actually attempt it. Why waste your weekend struggling with do-it-yourself plumbing fixes (you know, the type of DIY that can go disastrously wrong)? Save time and get the job done right; just call the skilled technicians at Out of This World Plumbing.

We have experience in repairing and installing any sort of tap or faucet you can imagine and maybe some you’ve never even heard of. We service traditional kitchen, bathroom and laundry room taps; single arm models; freeze proof faucets; the latest touchless faucet technology; and more.

Learn more about our faucet repairs and installation

Getting water to your thirsty plants or a nice shower for the car on a Sunday morning should be stress-free. If you have leaking, flooding, or water damage, your outdoor hose bib may be cracked, loosened, or come apart due to poor installation, ageing, part, or changes in the weather. 

Outdoor faucets in need of repair shouldn’t be put on the back burner, especially if you’ve noticed damage in spring, as you could have caught an issue before it got worse with warm weather. Give Out of This World Plumbing a call and we’ll be over to take a look and recommend the best next steps for you. 

Learn about our Outdoor Faucet Repairs & Installation

Do you need shower or bathtub repair? Perhaps you have a broken tub diverter, a cracked shower floor, or a leaky fixture. Or maybe you’re ready to replace your old bathtub or shower, possibly as part of a bathroom renovation.

The Out of This World Plumbing team will take care of your bathtub and shower repair or replacement for you. We’ll make sure that the fix or installation is done correctly, so that these important bathroom fixtures will give you years of worry-free service.

Speaking of “worry-free,” you’ll appreciate our predictable pricing. Because we charge by the job, not the hour, you’ll know exactly what to expect.

Learn more about our shower and bathtub repairs and installation

Your home is likely your most significant investment. But it is vulnerable to flood damage from rising water levels in the ground, especially at times when Ottawa is experiencing heavy rain or high spring runoff. Here’s a simple, affordable way to protect your investment and your precious belongings — have us install a sump pump with battery backup.

In case you need any more incentive, we provide per-job pricing which is transparent and upfront, a guarantee of 100% satisfaction, and information on a City of Ottawa rebate for first-time sump pump installation in homes built prior to 2004.

Learn more about installing a sump pump

Whatever brand or model of water heater you own — whether a conventional tank style or a tankless type — you can rely on us when it needs servicing. We will take care of any and all necessary water heater repairs. We’ll also replace your water heater when it comes to the end of its life.

Another important service we provide is preventive maintenance for your water heater. We will keep it in good working order for as long as possible.

The only type of water heater service that we don’t offer is work on rentals; for these, please refer to your rental company.

Learn more about our hot water tank repairs and installation

Calcium, magnesium, iron, sulfur … no, we’re not writing a chemistry textbook here, just listing some of the minerals that may be found in your Bells Corners tap water. While none of these is a serious threat to your health, they are certainly unpleasant, causing issues like soap scum buildup or unpleasant-tasting drinking water.

If you want the cleanest, purest water possible, talk to us about our free in-home water quality testing service and installation offers. Out of This World Plumbing offers amazing residential water treatment systems to remove impurities. We offer two effective solutions — water softeners or reverse osmosis water purification systems.

Learn more about our water treatment solutions

Are you considering a home renovation which involves a kitchen, bath, or laundry room? Or are you looking into adding a second kitchen, an extra bathroom, or an in-law suite to your house?

For the renovation of your dreams (and not of your nightmares), make sure that any plumbing remodeling or upgrades are carried out by licensed, experienced professional plumbers, like the team at OOTW.

We are qualified to help you not only with the work itself, but also with the planning and design stages, offering expert advice on how to incorporate the best, most cost-effective plumbing technology.

Learn more about our kitchen, bathroom and laundry room renovations

Did you know that any main sewer line in Ottawa on your property is your responsibility for maintenance and repairs? Regardless of what caused the need for service, the city requires you to keep the sewer mainline on your property in working order.

Learn more about our Sewer Line Repair and Replacement services.

Waterline damage won’t only wreak havoc on your last nerve, it will also damage your home’s structure, appliances, and utility bills! The first signs of a water line leak or blockage can present low pressure from appliances like faucets and showers.

Ignoring the issue always leads to more damage and more cleanup. Call the professional team of plumbing experts to handle your water line repair or replacement. Our 100% satisfaction guarantee means you’re sure to get the job done right the first time.

Learn about our Water Line Repair Services

Believe it or not, getting the refrigerator in the house isn’t always the hardest part. Appliances are often connected and forgotten, pushed up against the wall and out of mind. When you’ve spent the money on a new appliance, you don’t want a flooded laundry room putting a damper on your “new washing machine glow”.

Dishwashers, Washing Machines, Refrigerators, hot water tanks- get your appliances hooked up and ready to use in no time with Ottawa’s friendliest plumbers! No job too big or too small- you’ll get a quote with upfront costs and have one of our certified technicians to your home in no time! 

Learn More about Appliance Installation Hookups

A clogged sink can back up your day. When you have dishes piling up and dinner that needs making- the last thing you have time to deal with is a clogged sink. Sometimes it can be a quick fix that a plunger can help with- but if it’s a bit more stubborn than that, it’s time to call in the professionals.

We have all the equipment needed to handle your clogged sink and leave your pipes clean and clear. Sometimes food and grease buildup in the kitchen sink or soap and hair in the bathroom sink makes it difficult for water to drain. Let us get you unstuck and back to normal!

Learn about our Clogged Sink Services

Sinks for your kitchen, laundry room, utility room, bathroom, and powder room- you can count on us to install them all. No matter your style of sink or hookup needs, the certified plumbers at Out of this World plumbing will give you advice on whether to repair or replace your sink and provide upfront pricing with no surprises after quoting.

If you do need a replacement, we will even take your old sink away and recycle it if possible. Make informed, comfortable decisions with us Ottawa’s best plumbers in your corner!  

Learn about our Sink Installation & Repair

Plumbing Pro Tip for Barrhaven Homeowners

Barrhaven is home to many families, and a larger household increases your risk of a blocked drain –especially a blocked toilet. Usually, you can clear the blockage with your trusty plunger. If you have trouble, you could be using the wrong type of plunger or the wrong technique. Check out our video on how to plunge like a pro!

Old Barrhaven & Barrhaven South

Home ages: 30-55 years

Most of the times we visit customers in this area of Barrhaven, it’s because of a leak. Water marks on ceilings and leaking shutoff valves, toilets and faucets are very common when homes get to this age. IMPORTANT: If you live here, ensure that your main water valve is functional. Find where the water comes into your basement and give the valve a twist – careful, it may be sticky as this valve tends to seize after decades of disuse.

Barrhaven East

Home ages: 15-25 years

Fixtures, pipes, and valves may start to show signs of wear in local homes. Customers often report leaking shutoff valves or leaky pipes under the kitchen sink or behind the toilet. 

Central Barrhaven

Home ages: 20-40 years

Toilets and faucets original to the house are often coming to the end of their life, and require replacement. Pipes and valves may begin to leak, especially under the kitchen sink. While many fixtures are still in good condition – many owners of homes in this age range are looking for upgrades or updates to their washrooms and kitchens.

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