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6 Reasons Why Your Hot Water Is Lukewarm

There’s nothing like a nice hot shower … except when it isn’t. (Hot, that is.) When your hot water is only lukewarm, it puts a damper on your day. And … [Read More]

Radon Mitigation: What to Do if There’s Radon In Your Home

Finding out you have radon in your home can be scary, but you don’t have to just sit back and breathe it in. Instead, you can get a radon mitigation … [Read More]

Radon Gas Poisoning: What You Need to Know

Many homeowners worry a lot about radon in Ottawa, especially if they didn’t realize that it could be in their homes or found out it was after living there for … [Read More]

Where Is My Main Water Valve?

Why does it matter that I know where my main valve is? I don’t need to use it! Many homeowners think this is the case- after all, you’re not a … [Read More]

Radon FAQ

Did you know that radon can be a problem in Ottawa? It’s true. Fortunately, at Out of This World, we are your Ottawa radon service experts. Read on to learn … [Read More]

Is There Radon in My Home?

Most homeowners don’t think about radon until someone tells them about it. Because it’s “National Radon Action and Lung Cancer Awareness Month“, we’re taking this opportunity to tell our customers … [Read More]

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