Earlier this year, we announced the creation of both an award and scholarship for students in the plumbing program at Algonquin College.

We’d like to extend a heartfelt congratulations to this year’s recipients: Tanya Stoate and Martin Cheesman!

We were lucky enough to attend the ceremony and present the two recipients with their award and scholarship.

Say Hello to These 2 Future Plumbers

Tanya Stoate receiving her award from Wendy and Dave.

Tanya received The DS Plumbing award for women in the trades. She has completed her pre-plumbing program, and we look forward to seeing all she accomplishes in the future!

Martin Cheesman receiving his scholarship from Wendy and Dave.

The recipient of the DS Plumbing scholarship was Martin Cheesman, a student in the pre-plumbing program who demonstrated dedication to his academic studies.

“The presentation evening was very pleasant, with many worthy recipients of many awards. Our recipients were very appreciative and fantastic people,” says Wendy, co-owner of DS Plumbing.
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We’re Thrilled to Be Able to Support the Next Generation of Plumbers

“The idea to help up and coming plumbers came from our team and the award for a female in the pre-plumbing course was suggested by our very own female graduate from this program, Sarah Paul,” says Wendy.

It was an idea that immediately appealed to her and Dave.

“We are so happy to be able to give back to our local college and to help future plumbers financially,” says Wendy. “Dave graduated from the plumbing program at Algonquin College and also the Home Inspectors Course, so we have a deep connection with this wonderful learning establishment. We see the value of anyone interested in plumbing taking this course. It gives them a chance to see if they like the trade and what it involves. We actually require this course as a prerequisite to hire an apprentice. We know that they are more committed to the whole plumbing concept.”

Thanks for Helping Us Make The Scholarship and Award Possible

We’d like to thank our customers for supporting DS Plumbing, which allows us to support future plumbers at Algonquin and various groups within the Ottawa community.

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