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5 COVID-19 Safety Tips For Your Plumbing Issues

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It seems like the whole world is on pause due to COVID-19. Most people are at home, staying quarantined and practicing social distancing. But, one thing that won’t be paused because of COVID-19 is your plumbing.

No amount of isolation is going to stop your plumbing from having issues, in fact, it could be making it worse! But with all the rules and regulations around preventing the spread of COVID-19, how does one get their plumbing issues resolved safely? At Out Of This World, we’re doing all we can to make sure everyone is safe and taking all the necessary precautions to stop COVID-19.

Here are some of the precautions we’ve initiated to prevent the spread of the coronavirus:

1. Disinfect

On top of all the cleaning and sanitizing conducted by our technicians, our goal is to increase the amount of cleaning and sanitizing on a daily basis. Before and after a job, our technicians will clean and sanitize all tools, equipment and parts as well as the company vehicle. Our technicians are also equipped with hand sanitizer, latex gloves, masks and shoe covers.

2. Online Service

With all the handy advances in technology, the Internet has opened up opportunities for people to connect and communicate without being in the same room. With strategies in place to practice good social distancing, one way we’ve made our services safe is by requesting a virtual consultation.

There are so many communicating apps and tools available from Zoom, Skype, to Facetime. Before conducting the job, our technician will communicate with the customer through one of these tools to ask questions, give a walkthrough of what work will be done and even get the customer to show video of the issue to ensure a speedy and efficient job.

If you or someone in your home is infected with the coronavirus, our technician can virtually walk you through the steps to fix the problem.

3. Social Distancing

We ask that all customers keep a hockey stick’s length away from our technicians as they work. Thanks to our virtual consultation, our technicians will already know the issue and how to solve it. There’s no need for extra interaction. We also ask that all children and elderly relocate to another room while the job is underway.

4. Clean Work Area

Sometimes, things can get messy once a job is complete. Our team already strives at leaving a job exactly the way it was before. During this crisis, we will up our efforts when cleaning and disinfecting a finished work area.

We encourage all customers to do an additional clean and sanitization after the technician has left the home. After the job is complete, our technicians will make sure all tools and equipment are removed from the job site, cleaned and sanitized.

5. Safe Payment

The safest way to pay for your plumbing is online through e-transfer. We also understand that not everyone is super tech-savvy. So if you desire to pay by credit card, we ask that you provide your credit card information early before the technician arrives. All customers will need their own pen to sign for the completed job.

We Care About Your Health

Everyone at Out Of This World is doing all they can to prevent the spread of COVID-19 and make life easier during this difficult time. If you have any questions or concerns, give us a call at 613-241-3139.

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