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5 Signs You Have Toilet Trouble

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It’s one thing you know you can’t live without. It’s also at risk for a lot of problems that you may not know about. That’s right: we’re talking about your toilet.

While it’s made to last a long time, eventually your toilet is going to need some repairs or even replacement. It’s beneficial to be able to identify and troubleshoot toilet problems when they appear and call a professional to come fix it before it gets worse.

These are some signs of toilet trouble that you shouldn’t ignore.

1. The Toilet is Constantly Running

When you hear people say ‘running toilet’, you might not know exactly what they’re talking about.

Running is a common term used to describe the problem of water constantly flowing from the toilet tank to the bowl long after your business is concluded.

A running toilet is a big problem because it wastes a lot of water, driving up your water bill. Left unattended, you could waste hundreds of litres of water and cost yourself a fortune.

If your toilet is experiencing this problem, there’s most likely a problem with your flapper valve.

Try wiggling the flapper valve to fix the seal. If the sound stops, and doesn’t come back, it might have just been a little loose.

If the toilet starts running again, or you can’t make it stop at all, your flapper may need to be replaced.

2. There is Water Around the Base

When you think about it, a toilet holds a lot of water. And think about how much water flows through it after each flush, which can use as much as 30 litres. That makes the seals extremely important.

Toilet seals are strong, but like everything else, will degrade over time. Eventually, you may experience a leak, which means water will start appearing on the floor.

If you notice that there is standing water, it’s important to get a professional to come fix it immediately. The longer you leave it, the worse the leak will get. This means more wasted water, and more potential damage to your bathroom.

3. It Doesn’t Want to Flush

There’s nothing worse than going to flush the toilet and hearing…nothing. Your toilet just won’t flush. This is a big indicator that you have toilet trouble.

The important thing is not to panic and start tinkering with the toilet yourself. A toilet that refuses to flush even a little will need replacement parts and a professional repair job.

That’s what we’re here for! We can diagnose the problem, order the parts, and make the repairs. Before you know it, your toilet will be back up and flushing properly.

4. It’s Clogging All the Time

Toilets clog. It’s a common enough occurrence that you shouldn’t immediately assume something is wrong, especially when it only happens once in awhile. If it’s happening often, there are a couple potential reasons.

There could be something wrong with the flushing mechanism, or a partial clog further down your pipes that is creating the problem.

Keep track of how often your toilet clogs, and if there are any changes in the strength of its flush. A weaker flush could also be part of the problem.

Tip: Help keep the rest of your plumbing clear by using an eco-safe drain cleaner, and properly disposing of things like grease and oil rather than dumping them down the drain.

5. There Are Cracks in the Porcelain

Cracks in the porcelain are a sign that your toilet needs to be replaced right away.

Dirt and bacteria will find its way into the porcelain cracks. This makes it impossible to clean, which means your toilet will continue growing bacteria and constantly look a little grimy.

A crack that goes unattended will also get bigger, increasing your risk of leaks and more costly repairs down the road.

If you noticed cracks or even small scratches on your toilet, you should have a professional come check it out. It may be that your toilet is in trouble, and needs to be replaced.

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