1. Locate Main Shut Off Valve

A professional plumber starts off their call with you by asking you where your main shut off valve is. This critical piece of your whole home plumbing system MUST be identified.

The main line valve is what keeps the city full main pressure at bay from bursting into your home. If you develop a leak in your water supply lines and your main line valve does NOT work, you will have a big mess on your hands.

When your plumber arrives they should ask you to show you where your main line valve is. If you don’t know where it is they will help you locate it.

Your plumber will also ask you to turn it on and off to ensure that you can turn it in an emergency. Many valves seize over time if not turned at least twice a year.

2. Clear Work Area

Your plumber will definitely appreciate the area where he is to be working as clear as possible. For example, under a kitchen or bathroom sink. It’s not easy to fix piping or locate a leak with bottles of chemicals and other supplies in the way.

If you have a leak into your basement, the area where the leak is, should be cleared away for easy access to fix the issue.

3. Clean Toilet Ahead Of Appointment

Plumbers go to many toilet calls in a week and surprisingly, not many homeowners give the toilet a clean over before the plumber arrives. If a toilet is blocked and overflowing it’s understandable that it’s not clean, but with any other toilet work, a clean toilet to work on is very much appreciated. Having their head next to dribbles and other nasties can be pretty grim.

4. Clear Snow & Ice During Winter

In our climate in Canada, snow and ice is a huge part of our day to day life in winter. Plumbers (and any other service professionals) truly appreciate a cleared and salted walkway to your home. They are usually carrying a large bag of tools and equipment which can cause unbalancing at the best of times.

Please shovel and salt your walkway and during other times of the year, ensure your walkway is clear of bikes, garden tools etc etc.

5. Keep Pets Away From Work Area

Many plumbers or other home service people prefer to have you put your pets put away when they are visiting. One, because they don’t know the friendliness of your pet. Two, they don’t want to be responsible for an animal escaping when they need to retrieve items from their trucks.

If the pet is friendly, ask your plumber if they are ok to have the pet come and say hi                                            (and sometimes help!) but please ensure the pet does not get under foot and create and unsafe working environment for your plumber.

Hire Out of This World Plumbing

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