Dog watering stations for animal rescue benefit.

Sometimes, it’s good for dogs to drink from a toilet – at least, when it’s a specially provided watering station from DS Plumbing! At DS Plumbing we love animals, we love plumbing, and we love to laugh. Most of all, we love finding ways to combine all three!

Dog watering stations for animal rescue benefit.
A dog enjoys some fresh water from the watering station.

DS Plumbing was proud to provide the watering stations for a special benefit Rescue Block Party for the Ottawa Stray Cat Rescue, Ottawa Dog Rescue and Sit With Me dog rescue on July 19. The event raised over $6,500 to help the 3 organizations care for dogs and cats in need.

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We have provided our fun approach to watering stations to several charity events over the years, notably the Ottawa Humane Society’s Wiggle Waggle Walkathon. If you are hosting a pet rescue benefit and could use some watering stations for your 4-legged attendees, why not contact us?

See you at the Wiggle Waggle Walkathon on Sunday, September 7th!

Dog watering stations for animal rescue benefit.
DS Plumbing owner Dave Smythe setting up the watering stations for the Rescue Block Party.

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