Plumbers Wrench With Question Mark

There have never been more DIY resources out there – books, TV shows, and YouTube videos can all help people do home renovations and save a bit of money.

Most of those resources make it look easy – except for the odd one like Disaster DIY. But a recent survey from Zillow Digs shows that a lot of people who try to do a home improvement project themselves have major regrets.

They may regret:

  • The quality of the final result.
  • The time they spent to get it done.
  • The fact that the project went way over budget.
  • Injuries (major or minor) that occurred during the project.

If Plumbing Was Easy There Wouldn’t Be Plumbers

Let’s face it, plumbing is messy at best. If you don’t know what you’re doing, it can be frustrating, dangerous, and can ruin your house. In fact, the Zillow survey only talks about easy plumbing jobs – they don’t even touch on the hard stuff like moving a soil stack, replacing a section of pipe, or sorting out a sewer line that’s full of tree roots.

Should YOU Do It Yourself?

There are some people who can do some plumbing jobs themselves. These people generally:

  1. Were taught by someone with plumbing experience, often while growing up.
  2. Know how to plan a reno project: assess the problem, formulate the solution, cost out the supplies, and have a very realistic idea of the time needed to do the actual work. They know what can happen when they open up the wall and accept that it may not be according to the original plan.
  3. Know what safety equipment they should use to prevent accidents and exposure to harmful diseases (a lot of nasty microbes live in drain pipes).
  4. Already know what is acceptable under Ontario Building Code plumbing regulations or are prepared to spend the hours needed to research and understand the rules.
  5. Have factored in the work of fixing the walls that need to be opened up to get access to any pipes required to carry out the work. Most importantly, they know how to minimize this work!
  6. Have enough physical strength, especially in their hands and fingers, to tighten and loosen tough connections.
  7. Know how to avoid straining the existing plumbing connections and causing leaks elsewhere in the home.
  8. Know how home water supply, drainage and venting systems work together.
  9. Know about how to get any permits needed and how to get their plumbing work inspected so it can be covered under their home insurance.
  10. Are experienced with welding.

We’re not trying to scare you; this is the reality of plumbing work. It’s hard. If you don’t know these things, it’s a safe bet that you’ll probably get better value out of hiring a professional.

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What Makes a Plumber a Licensed Professional?

There’s a reason a licensed plumber can get plumbing jobs done faster that most people. We’ve practiced. A lot.

In fact, in order to become a licensed plumber in Ontario, you have to need to:

And yes, DS Plumbing has all licensed plumbers on staff.

Hire a Pro. We Guarantee Your Results

DS Plumbing will let you know the full cost up front so there is no chance of going over budget. Plus, you get your weekend(s) to do something fun and relaxing.

So before you try something yourself or get your uncle to do it, stop and think: am I willing to accept the risk of a disaster, or do I just want it done right?

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