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Do You Need A Plumber For Bathroom Renovations?

Are you thinking about a bathroom renovation? Most likely, you’ve been browsing the latest styles in tile and cabinetry online. In your mind, you might even have the perfect décor all picked out by now. Or maybe you’re planning a whole home renovation. The same rule applies—don’t do it without expert advice. Design your home with professional assistance, not just your bathroom.

We’d like to interrupt your fantasy for an important public service announcement:

  • There’s more to bathroom renovation than an image makeover. It’s essential to ensure that your new bathroom’s plumbing will be functional and correctly installed.
  • Hiring a licensed plumber — rather than choosing an unlicensed handyperson or doing the work yourself — will give you high quality, reliable results in compliance with Ontario code.

Learn more about why you need a professional plumber for bathroom renovations.

Why You Need A Plumber For Your Bathroom Renovation

Hire Someone Who’s Licensed & Insured

Plumbing in Ontario is known as a “compulsory trade.” This means that the plumber you hire for your reno must be trained and certified by the Ontario College of Trades. They are also required to have coverage for Workplace Safety and Insurance.

Beware of scam artists. Avoid dealing with any contractor who does things like giving estimates over the phone, demanding a large down payment (more than 10 percent of the total project cost) upfront, asking to be paid in cash, or refusing to sign a contract.

These precautions may seem like a nuisance, especially when you’re eager to get started and to save money, but ultimately they are designed to make your project a success and protect your rights if anything goes wrong.

The Out of This World team are trained professional plumbers licensed and insured in the province of Ontario.

We’ve Got The Experience

There’s a lot more to bathroom plumbing than you can learn from a YouTube tutorial. We’ve done hundreds of successful Ottawa bathroom renovations. That adds up to plenty of on-the-job experience in doing things the right way. We know how to make your new bathroom functional, efficient, and green, as well as great looking.

We Know Safety

Flooding, on-the-job accidents, or simply poor installation techniques that will cause unhealthy mould and mildew growth in your home most probably are NOT part of your dream bathroom renovation. As a reputable plumbing firm, we put safety first and will never cut corners when working in your home.

We Use The Right Tools

We own all the right tools and equipment to get your job done in the best way possible. What’s more, we continually update our supply to keep up with the latest advances in plumbing technology. Our plumbers will show up at your door, fully equipped and ready to get to work immediately.

We Can Identify Plumbing Issues Early

We’ll inspect your existing plumbing setup for any early signs of trouble — plumbing issues like toilet leaks or slow draining sinks. As an essential part of your bathroom remodel, we’ll make sure these issues are fully resolved. In addition, we will go the extra kilometre to install your new fixtures correctly, so you’ll have years of problem-free service.

We’ll Be More Efficient

Although (or maybe because) it entails working in a small space of about 40 square feet, bathroom renovation is a complex task. To make it work, it’s usually necessary to mastermind the scheduling of several trades — plumbers, electricians, tile setters, and possibly painters — as well as deliveries of assorted large fixtures and bundles of materials. In addition, there’s the fact that you may need a building permit from the municipal planning and development department before you even get started. Whew!

As seasoned professionals, we are very efficient at coordinating all the paperwork, schedules, and the other 1,001 details that go into bathroom renovations.

We Give You Peace Of Mind

Renovating your bathroom is the fulfillment of a dream. You’ve probably been contemplating this project for quite a while, and now you’re finally doing it! Although home renovations are notoriously stressful, we will give you peace of mind. We assure you that your project will be carried out professionally, safely, and beautifully. With Out of This World, your bathroom renovation will be all you dreamed of and more!

How To Plan For Your Bathroom Renovation

1. Consider your plumbing layout. What is your plumbing blueprint? You may have mentally designed the bathroom of your dreams. But you’re likely to come down to earth with a thud if you find out that your current plumbing setup can’t accommodate your fantasies. Moving your plumbing lines and soil stack will be complicated and expensive, so take a look at your home’s blueprints to check their location.

2. Account for special requirements. Do your dream plumbing features come with special needs? For example, filling that gorgeous soaker tub might take more hot water than your current tank can handle. Better factor the cost of a new, larger water heater into your budget! Accessibility is also important, particularly if you’d like to stay in your home long term. Think about installing a higher toilet and a barrier-free shower as part of a senior-friendly bathroom renovation.

3.  Stick to the plan. Once work is underway, don’t change your mind about essential components like plumbing fixtures or bathroom layout. Alterations could mean moving your water lines — and being charged change fees. Even worse, they might result in delays to your project. Do you want to be without a usable bathroom for that long?

4. Keep a prudent reserve. Set aside 20 percent of your renovation budget “just in case.” That way, you won’t be faced with financial disaster if the contractors open up your bathroom walls and discover nasty surprises — like mould growth. You might also want to stock up on the extra tile. Matching will be easier in case you need bathroom repair at some future time.

5. Consider the age of your plumbing. Residential plumbing systems are designed to last 30-50 years, and they degrade over time. Professional plumber Dave Smythe recommends, “A step that can save headaches, in the long run, is to have your plumber assess the condition of your pipes,” especially if your home is over 30 years old. Replacing the pipes, if necessary, will be simpler and cheaper when your walls are already open.

Have Your Bathroom Renovation Done Right

The professional plumbing team at Out of This World are experienced bathroom renovation experts. Work with us to create your beautiful new bathroom in the Ottawa area.


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