On April 3rd 2016, DS Plumbing helped sponsor the Ottawa Stray Cat Rescue’s 3rd Annual Chili Cook Off. This was a fundraising event with proceeds shared with the Sit With Me Dog Rescue and Empties for Paws.

There were 12 entries for the chili tasting and there were prizes for best meat chili, best veggie chili, and a people’s choice award. Our favourite part was that Dave got to help judge the delicious chilis! There were also tons of delicious treats for sale, including fabulous brownies baked by Wendy’s mum.

We had an amazing time and the event raised over $6,000 for animals in need!

Entertainment was provided by Wendy Reed, Don Kelly, plus the whole Boom 99.7 street crew including Sandy Sharkey, Wendy Daniels, and Dylan Black! Angel Divinations added a magic touch by providing fortune telling.

Special thanks to the Barrhaven Legion for the use of their space free of charge.


About the Ottawa Stray Cat Rescue

If you care about animals, the Ottawa Stray Cat Rescue is one of the best charities you can support. OSCatR fosters stray cats with home volunteers until they can be adopted, providing a no-kill solution to the stray cat problem.

They also deal humanely with the growing number of feral cats in Ottawa. Feral cats have lived their entire lives outdoors, often in colonies in unsafe areas, and are generally afraid of people. They constantly live on the edge of starvation but continue to breed.

OSCatR gets these cats off the street, gets them neutered, and releases them to our managed colonies. Some can be brought indoors by volunteers where they gradually learn to trust people and become adoptable. A few are adopted out to rural areas where they can help barn owners by keeping the mice population down.

Visit the OSCatR Website >

About the Sit With Me Dog Rescue

Since 2012, Sit With Me has helped over 300 shelter dogs slated for euthanization find loving families. They help the dogs AND the overstressed shelters by fostering those dogs who are unlikely to be adopted.

In their foster homes, Sit With Me volunteers provide these dogs with love, care, and proper training. They get any medical issues dealt with.

Over time, the dogs become more trusting of humans and able to leave foster care. At that point Sit With Me works with potential adopters to help these wonderful dogs find the right home.

Because the dogs have been in a loving home environment, the Sit With Me volunteer foster care giver knows the dog extremely well. They’re able to help match the dog to the right new home to ensure long term compatibility. The other great thing about Sit With Me is that they provide ongoing support to help the dog and the new owner make the new relationship work.

View the Sit With Me  Website >

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