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DS Plumbing Helps Carleton Students Bring Net-Zero Tiny House Project to Life

This summer, DS Plumbing helped engineering students from Carleton University students with their goal of building a net-zero tiny house.

Dubbed the Northern Nomad Tiny Home, this project’s goal was to revolutionize the way we build – and live in – homes.

The team at DS Plumbing was thrilled to be an official sponsor of the project, as well as an active participant in the build.

Over 30 Hours of Work to Make the Plumbing a Reality

Marc, Trevor and Sarah were the ones who did the work on the Northern Nomad, and they did a fantastic job!

The biggest part of the job was installing and plumbing the five rain water tanks beneath a raised floor for water storage.

A Real Thrill to Be Included

“We were thrilled to have been able to assist in the plumbing needs of Northern Nomad,” says our fearless leader Dave Smythe. “As a company interested in green and sustainable living, we were really glad to have been approached by Carleton University to assist with the project.”

“It was an interesting challenge for our plumbers and by donating time and materials to the project, we feel glad we were able to give back to our community and educate future architects and engineers on the importance of plumbing within any home”

Thanks to our team, and the many other sponsors and students involved, the Northern Nomad is now a reality, and will be able to supply research findings and new ideas on net-zero living.

What Does Net-Zero Mean?

Net-zero means that the house generates as much power as it uses. The Northern Nomad is an autonomous home with off and on-grid capabilities. Features that help make it net-zero include:

  • Roof integrated photovoltaic panels
  • Tesla batteries for energy storage
  • An atmospheric water generator that pulls water from humid air
  • A high performance envelope

What Else Has DS Plumbing Been Doing?

When we’re not helping our customers, we’re keeping pretty busy! Visit our media and community pages to see what else we’ve been doing.

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