DS Plumbing Is Now Out of This World

3…2…1…Blastoff! Out of This World Plumbing has officially launched. The new improved rebranding marks a major step forward for the successful Ottawa firm formerly known as DS Plumbing.

Let’s take a closer look at the change and how it will impact you.

Why The Change?

The original company name focused on a single type of service and a single professional, our founder Dave Smythe, whose initials make up the “DS.” Since 2004, DS Plumbing garnered a sterling reputation – as well as several awards — for excellent plumbing service in the Ottawa area. However, Dave has always chosen to go above and beyond.

It’s no secret that Dave dreams of becoming the first plumber in space. In the meantime, he and his wife, Wendy, are reaching for the stars, in a shared quest for fulfillment in their personal life as well as their jointly run business.

That means going beyond plumbing, and beyond a small family operation. Hence the name change.

Our Future Vision

How is this exciting ambition actually going to take shape?

Well, our vision of the future comprises two parts. The first goal is adding new services to our existing  “menu.” In addition to plumbing, drain cleaning, and water treatment, Out of This World will offer a comprehensive line of home services, which is likely to include electrical work, appliances, HVAC, and renovation. The second, larger, goal is expanding beyond our current Ottawa service area to grow nationwide through franchising.

Our New Look

We have created a new look to go with our new role in regard to your home. Check out our plumbing team’s cool two-tone blue uniforms, which perfectly match our OOTW can’t-miss-‘em truck wraps.

A Part Of Your Community

Now more than ever, we’re a part of your community. We believe in giving back through our involvement with cat and dog rescue, as well as other local charities and causes.

We’re Still Easy To Reach

For all your plumbing needs, just book online or give us a call. Our phone number will stay the same: (613)519-1342.

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