When a 6-week-old kitten wedged herself into a sump pump discharge line, Ottawa Stray Cat Rescue called DS Plumbing.

We are thrilled to announce that our own Dave Smythe was able to successfully free the kitten from her hiding place. Co-owner Wendy Smythe was on hand to help.

Dave posing with the tiny rescued kitten.

We Got Her Out of a Tight Spot

The sump pump kitty was one of 6 kittens belonging to a feral cat that had been taken off the street by Ottawa Stray Cat Rescue. Piper escaped one night in October 2018, and found herself a hiding place – a sump pump discharge line at her foster home.

“She literally only just fit in the pipe…she couldn’t go any further,” Dave explains.

With a camera, Dave was able to spot a furry little behind. He prodded her forward, and managed to dig out enough of the other end of the discharge line to reach the scruff of the kitten’s neck.

The kitten hid in the sump pump discharge line. We were lucky to get there in time to rescue her from her cold, wet hiding place.

“We were so pleased when we saw the little head pop up,” says Wendy.

“I felt over the moon. It was really good to come out and help this kitten out, ” Dave adds.

Although a little cold and wet, the kitten was uninjured. Thankfully, the homeowner thought quickly and turned off the sump pump to avoid drowning her.

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We’re Welcoming Piper to the DS Plumbing Family

Wendy and Dave are known cat lovers and big supporters of Ottawa Stray Cat Rescue. When they were able to save this kitten, they knew she had to join their family.

“We have two office cats. We’ve decided we need another one,” Wendy says. No word yet on how Tuxie and Jake will take to the newcomer, who will aptly be named Piper.

We Love Helping Cats All Over Ottawa

DS Plumbing has always been an active supporter of animal organizations in the Ottawa area, and we’re thrilled to have been able to help Piper and many more cats just like her through continued fundraising – and the occasional plumbing appointment.

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