Celebrating 18 Years of Out of This World Home Services

Recently, we got to celebrate an incredible milestone: 18 Years in Business! Dave & Wendy, as well as the whole team here at Out of This World Plumbing, thank you for your support and loyalty since our company’s conception!

In 2004, Dave began DS Plumbing in his home office, with visions of trade excellence. Since then, a trustworthy and professional team has emerged, delivering the most exceptional work in every home. We are proud to continue growing and strengthening this vision every year!

When it became clear that the company was headed for bigger and better things beyond plumbing, and beyond a small family operation, DS Plumbing changed to Out of this World in early 2020.

Now more than ever, we’re a part of your community. We believe in giving back through our involvement with cat and dog rescue, as well as other local charities and causes. With over 500 Google reviews (another amazing recent milestone we’ve been thrilled to celebrate), we’re learning so much from all of our amazing customers. We always appreciate hearing from the people we love to take care of, and reviews like these help Out of This World Plumbing become even more seen, growing to be able to offer you even more.

A company is made up of a lot of pieces, and the team is the most important one. Thankfully, Out of This World Plumbing has one of the best teams in Ottawa. From the office staff to the technicians (and even the office pets), we are proud of the professionals that make this team so great. We are so honoured to have them with us that for the last 3 years, we’ve celebrated with the “Above & Beyond Award,” highlighting two team members (one from our Office Team and one from our Technician Team) who have shown these attributes and have consistently displayed core values of our company over the year!

Our sincerest thanks to every person who has worked for us, with us, or had us in their home; you’ve made Out of This World Plumbing what it is.

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