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How Long Do Toilets Last In Kanata?

If your toilet is giving you trouble, you’ve got some decisions to make. Before you choose to repair or replace your toilet, think about how old your porcelain throne is.

If your toilet was already there when you moved into your house, you might not know its age. So, how long do toilets last? To determine a toilet’s age, take the lid off the toilet tank and flip it over. Many manufacturers stamp the date into the lid. If you don’t find the date there, look for a date stamp along the water line.

Toilets have a lifespan of approximately 10-15 years.

They certainly can last longer (we’ve seen our share of ancient toilets in the Kanata area), but most toilets start to show their age as the years tick by.

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When Should I Replace My Toilet?

If your old toilet is damaged, constantly acts up, or you notice a higher water bill, it’s time to consider a new toilet replacement.

Here are some clues it’s time to replace your toilet:

Toilet Clogs Too Easily

It’s completely normal for clogs to happen every once in a while; you clear the drain pipe and move on. But when you experience constant clogging, that’s another story.

If your toilet clogs easily, doesn’t flush well or overflows, the problem may be related to mineral deposits. This is common around Kanata; our water is filled with minerals that build up in our pipes and damage the inner workings of our toilets.

Age may also be to blame. Due to poor design, older toilets tend to clog easier.

Toilet Requires Too Many Repairs

Are your toilet repair bills adding up? If you’ve got a running toilet that is making strange noises one day, and the next day your toilet is flushing on its own, you may find yourself calling a plumber more often than you’d like.

If this is the case, installing a new toilet is likely your best bet. When you compare the cost of recurrent repairs with toilet replacement, we bet you’ll choose to install a new toilet!

Toilet Isn’t Secure

Sitting on a wobbling toilet is uncomfortable and potentially unsafe.

There are many reasons a toilet becomes unstable, and, if the issue is not addressed, it can lead to major repairs. This is because any movement damages the wax seal and permits water to seep into the gap.

If this is a continual issue for you, someone may have installed the toilet incorrectly, or the floor beneath your toilet has suffered water damage. Have a plumber take a look at the problem toilet and assess the situation; they’ll let you know if restoration repairs are needed and if it’s more cost-effective to replace the entire toilet as part of the project.

Toilet Is Cracked

Most homeowners don’t realize that cracks in a toilet are a red flag. When you discover a crack, it’s best to have your whole toilet replaced. Unfortunately, it can no longer be trusted to bear the weight of the toilet tank, plus the water or anyone using it. And the smallest hairline cracks can cause serious water damage over time, so we highly recommend immediate replacement.

(Of course, you don’t need to replace toilets if you find cracks on the toilet seat or the liftable lid; these items can be easily and cheaply replaced.)

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Toilet Upgrade Is Needed

If you’ve got old toilets in your Kanata home, they’re probably round in shape. On the other hand, even the most basic newer toilets have an ergonomic oval design. You’ll need to upgrade and replace an old toilet for a more comfortable experience.

Modern toilets also keep your water bill in check. Have you seen the dual-flush toilets? These units are designed with water efficiency in mind. They have two buttons, each performing a different type of flush. One button washes liquid waste away effortlessly, and the other uses more water to handle solid waste.

In addition, there are several high-tech upgrades to consider. From air dryers to bidets and heated seats, newer toilets allow you to take advantage of some very innovative features. Check out our guide to choosing the perfect toilet to discover all the options available.

Replacing Toilets In Your Kanata Home

Since most homes are well over 20 years old, it’s common to experience general plumbing issues or to need toilet repair in Kanata.

Bridlewood, Katimivik, Kanata Lakes & Kanata North: Average home age = 20-45 years old

Glen Cairn: Average home age = 35-65 years old

Beaverbrook: Average home age = 45-60 years old

Wear and tear or corrosion can cause your toilet and other fixtures to malfunction. If you own an older home, arrange for a leak inspection to prevent expensive repairs down the road.

Professional Plumbing and Toilet Service in Kanata

If you need to replace an old toilet with a new toilet—or simply need some toilet advice—call a Kanata plumber you can trust. Out of This World Plumbing will get the job done right the first time.


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