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Out of This World Plumbing Saves Dog From Barbados

Every single shelter in Barbados is beyond capacity. When we discovered that local rescue Sit With Me was helping to bring 200 stray dogs from Barbados to Canada for adoption, we immediately signed up to help.

Helping Those That Need It Most

Helping others and contributing to our community is in our DNA, and we especially love to help our furry friends. (Remember that time we saved a kitten caught in a sump pump?)

Meet Lucy. (Who might as well be named Lucky—she wasn’t even on the original list to fly to Canada!) She is a special needs dog that is getting some extra love and attention from her foster family before she is confident enough to find her forever home. Sit With Me is an amazing organization that helps the animals that need it most and might be otherwise overlooked.

Lucy’s “Freedom Flight”

Lucy landed a last-minute spot on her freedom flight when a popular pup at the island shelter was successfully adopted shortly before departure.

It was all part of The Ruffugee Project. When flights from the Caribbean were halted due to COVID and a lack of tourism, adoptable dogs were suddenly stranded. Shelters quickly became overrun and sadly had to turn away strays and displayed animals. The Ruffugee Project raised enough funds to charter a flight and bring animals to loving homes in Canada. It was a massive endeavour. Check out this video to see how countless volunteers helped make it happen.

In the end, 218 dogs and 14 cats safely flew to Canada! Yes, cats, too! As much as we love dogs, this warmed our hearts. Dave sits on the Board of Directors of OSCATR (Ottawa Stray Cat Rescue), a non-profit we often join forces with. Together, we build shelters to protect stray cats during Ottawa’s cold winter months.

We’re so happy Lucy was one of the lucky ones to make the flight.

She recently “wrote” us the cutest thank you note. Here is an excerpt from her letter:
“Thank you for caring about a dog you did not even know. I will do my very best as a Canadian dog and promise to eat poutine if any falls on the floor. I will also try not to chase any beavers. Thanks for bringing me home. Lotsa love, Lucy”

We Love Helping Animals (and Humans)

When we’re not focused on animal welfare, Out of This World Plumbing is busy delivering award-winning services to Ottawa area residents. We strive to go above and beyond for our customers and our community. If you are not 100% satisfied with your service, we’ll refund up to 100% of your invoice. Contact us today!

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