Saturday Plumbing Services

If your weekdays are too hectic to fit in a plumbing appointment, we now offer Saturday plumbing appointments at our regular weekday price! You don’t have to take time off work to get that plumbing job done for you. Just book your appointment for 8 AM to 5 PM on the Saturday of your choice. Read this post for full details.

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kitty playing with faucet

Why Do My Pipes Make Noises?

Your plumbing can make all kinds of noises, but if they’re high-pitched or loud you may have a problem that needs fixing. This guide describes the most common noises and what causes them.

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smelling drain

Why Do My Drains Smell?

If you’re experincing a sewage-like smell coming from your sink or shower drain, there could be a couple of likely causes. In this post, we tackle how to figure out what’s going on and provide some plumbing-safe advice that goes beyond the usual DIY approaches.

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puppy with toilet paper

Why Does My Toilet Clog So Easily?

Does your toilet get clogged all the time when you flush? Looking for answers as to why? In this post we cover the 7 most common reasons that toilets can get clogged, including the easy fixes and the situations in which you’re better off to call a licensed plumber.

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Plumbers Wrench With Question Mark

Before You Try DIY Plumbing Read This

So you think you might want to take care of that plumbing job yourself? Check out our skills and knowledge list and you may reconsider. Plumbing is often dirty, difficult work and it really needs to be done right to avoid damaging your home – and damaging you.

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Kanata Air Cadets Sponsorship Award

DS Plumbing Sponsors Kanata Air Cadets

The Air Cadets do so much to help kids who participate learn valuable skills that prepare them for the challenges of adult life. It’s also a lot of fun too. We’re proud to sponsor this organization, and were thrilled to receive a plaque from them at a recent ceremony.

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How Plumbing Saves Your Life

I bet you didn’t know that your humble plumbing saves your life each and every day. In many parts of the world, people so not have access to safe water to drink and proper sanitation, and fall victim to diseases. We created this infographic to share some important statistics with you, and let you know how you can help.

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Toilet Seat Up Or Down? Ready, Set, Fight!

It’s a battle that has raged since the toilet was invented – should the seat be left up or down? DS Plumbing rolls up its sleeves, looks at the facts, and possibly adds fuel to the fire – as if this issue needs any!

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DS Plumbing Wins 2015 Faces Award for Top Plumbing Company

On January 30th, the people of Ottawa voted us Ottawa’s Top Plumbing Company in the Faces Magazine annual business awards. We’re proud and grateful, and we pledge to do our very best to keep earning the trust of people like you. Most of all, we’d just like to say “Thank You”.

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ring toss at wiggle waggle walkathon 2014

At the Wiggle Waggle Walkathon 2014

At the 25th annual Wiggle Waggle Walkathon, DS Plumbing had a wonderful time with thousands of other animal lovers raising money to benefit the Ottawa Humane Society. Our Plunger Ring Toss game was a huge success, and we even had a visit form Mayor Jim Watson.

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Dog watering stations for animal rescue benefit.

A Dog Watering Station That Will Make You Laugh!

The the Animal Rescue Block Party is a great afternoon of good food, great fun and of course lots of pets. DS Plumbing created a plumber’s answer to a dog watering stations that got a laugh from everyone who attended. Best of all, the event raised $6,000 to help animals in need.

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Ryan Hreljac, Dave and Wendy Smythe of DS Plumbing at the 2014 High Tea Ryan's Well Benefit.

High Tea Benefit for Ryan’s Well

Not all of the charities we work with are for pets. Ryan’s Well provides clean, safe drinking water and sanitation to people in need around the world. At the High Tea benefit, we got to meet founder Ryan Hreljac.

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Proud winners of HomeStars best of 2013 award

Proud Winners of Homestars Best of 2013 Award!

We’re delighted to announce that we have been named Ottawa’s Best Plumbers for 2013 by the online review site HomeStars. We’re the top rated plumber in Eastern Ontario according to all of the customers who wrote in. To our incredible team and our great customers we say, “Thank you!”

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