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Plumbing Rebates Available from the City of Ottawa

The City of Ottawa has expanded its Protective Plumbing Rebate program so that any Ottawa homeowner can get the backwater valves and sump pumps they need to protect their homes from flooding.

Until last year, the rebates were only available to homeowners in low-lying floodplain or “previously flooded” areas of the City. Now, as of November 24, 2016, it’s open to everyone who qualifies.

To qualify, your home must:

  • Be served by City of Ottawa sewers
  • Have been built in 2004 or any year before
  • Not have existing backwater valves or sump pumps that just need replacing.

The following types of work qualify for a rebate:

  • Building permit: $80
  • Closed-circuit television video (CCTV) – Sanitary Sewer: $100
  • Closed-circuit television video (CCTV) – Storm Sewer: $100
  • Indoor Sanitary Backwater valve only: $700
  • Indoor Storm Backwater valve only: $500
  • Indoor Sanitary and Storm Backwater valves: $1,000
  • Outdoor Storm Backwater valve only: $1,750
  • Sump with battery backup power (high gradient line or flat roof): $1,250

You will need to submit your application before you do the actual work, and the application will need a quote and notes from a licensed plumber.

You can read the full text of the bylaw here – it outlines all the conditions and the steps to apply. You can get a copy of the rebate application form here.

DS Plumbing is fully licensed and qualified to help you with your sump pump and backwater valve installation project. You can call us to learn more and to book an appointment for a quotation. You can also book an appointment online.

How Do Sump Pumps and Backwater Valves Protect My Home?

A sump pump removes water that collects in the soil just below your basement. It prevents water that’s naturally in the ground around your home from flooding into your basement by allowing it to collect in a pit, and then pumping it into your home’s drainage system so that it can be carried away. You can learn more about sump pumps here.

A backwater valve fits into the main sewer drainage pipe that goes from your home to the city sewers. It prevents any flooding from the sewer into your home. This can happen if there’s a clog in the sewer itself. Backwater valves are now required by law in all new homes built in Ottawa. You can learn more about backwater valves and how they work here.

As you can imagine, either of these flooding scenarios can potentially cause tens of thousands of dollars in damage to your home, especially if your basement is finished.

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