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Radon Mitigation: What to Do if There’s Radon In Your Home

Finding out you have radon in your home can be scary, but you don’t have to just sit back and breathe it in. Instead, you can get a radon mitigation system for your home in Ottawa.

If you have found out that you have high radon levels in your home or you’re concerned that you might, call the Ottawa radon experts at Out of This World today.

We can help you radon testing in Ottawa and then we’ll make sure you get an amazing Ottawa radon mitigation system that is effective at lowering your levels.

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What is Radon Mitigation?

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Radon mitigation is a system of gathering and removing the radon gas from the ground under and around your home before it enters any space where you might breathe it in. Most of the time, these systems rely on a collection pit, a fan, and a large-diameter PVC pipe.

Where we place these systems and how exactly yours will work depends on a number of factors. These include whether or not your home has a basement, what your foundation is made of, whether you have a sump pump, and more.

These systems ventilate the radon gas out into the open air. There, it can dissipate until it is no longer something that anyone needs to worry about breathing in.

Most radon mitigation systems can be installed in a single day and are not so expensive that they are out of reach of most homeowners. There may be programs available to help you install one if your home needs it and it is out of financial reach for you.

Does Radon Mitigation Really Work?

It does! Most radon systems reduce levels by at least 80%, and our personal experience says they can reduce them quite a lot lower than that, too! In some cases, they reduce radon levels up to 99%.

No matter how much it reduces your levels, it’s worth it to install one if you have high radon in your home. After all, breathing less of something that can cause cancer is always a good thing!

Ottawa Radon Mitigation Pros

If you are concerned about radon in your home, call us at Out of This World for testing and mitigation options today. We’ll help you feel great about the home you live in by making it a safer place for everyone who wants to be there. We are here to help!

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