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When Should I Repair or Replace My Faucet?

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Plumbing hassles, like a leaking faucet, might seem small but quickly lead to bigger problems. Perhaps you forgot to winterize your outdoor faucet. A damaged faucet can cost you hundreds of dollars each year and may cause mould issues or water damage in your Ottawa home.

Should I Repair My Faucet?

You might be wondering if it is best to repair or replace a leaky faucet. We suggest you seek out faucet repair if you experience any of these problems:

Leaks or Drips

Leaks indicate something inside your faucet has worn out. Thankfully, you can almost always repair a dripping faucet. There are many causes of water leaks, but the O-ring is often the culprit. It should fit perfectly around the valve stem to prevent water from escaping, but when loose or damaged, the seal is broken, and you’ll need to fix a leaky faucet.

Corroded valve seats and washers can also break the seal. The valve seat connects the compression hardware to the mechanism that controls the stream of water. If natural deposits have built up, you have a corroded valve seat. High water pressure makes these problems worse.

Sporadic Water Flow

If your sink faucet is spitting or sputtering, you have a damaged faucet. Irregular water flow is caused by internal damage, clogged filters, or air trapped in the water lines. Call your trusted Ottawa plumber to inspect and fix the problem for you.

Faucet Makes Noises

When the handle squeaks if you turn it, try adding a little bit of silicone-based grease. If it continues to squeak, you might have a loose washer or the valve stem is worn out. If you hear squealing, high water pressure or debris inside the pipes might be the reason. Call for repair to fix these issues.

Is It Time To Replace My Faucet?

In some situations, it is time to replace the entire faucet. If you are experiencing any of the following issues, hire a professional plumber at Out of This World Plumbing:

Old Faucet

Any faucet that is 10+ years old is past its prime. Older faucets require more repairs as they age, and replacement parts may be hard to come by. If it is a well-used faucet or your Ottawa home has hard water, problems are bound to develop sooner than later.

Signs Of Rusting

Most sink faucets are in nearly continuous contact with water—the perfect environment for corrosion. As a result, rust and mineral deposits build up over time. Actual signs of rusting may not be visible as it often happen inside your faucet.

Rather, it might take a while for the water to appear after you’ve turned it on, or the handle will crack and stick when you try to move it.) Corrosion left untreated is tough to remove, making it a perfect time to replace the fixture.

Frequent Faucet Repairs

If you are entertaining faucet repair for the umpteenth time, it’s best to cut your losses! The expense of frequent repairs will exceed what it costs to replace the entire faucet. Take this opportunity to upgrade to a newer brand that offers a warranty or free replacement parts.

High Utility Bills

When a faulty sink faucet impacts your utility bills, it becomes more than a minor annoyance. Older faucets waste a tremendous amount of water. In fact, they release approximately 1-2 gallons more water per minute than today’s modern faucets do. That’s a lot of water—and a lot of money—going right down the drain.

Damaged Fixture

Occasionally, the fixture itself is damaged, or the surrounding counter surface is in disrepair. (Unfortunately, sink materials, such as ceramic, crack easily.) In either case, installing a new faucet is recommended.

Types Of Faucets

There are only four primary types of faucets to be aware of. We’ve summarized what they are—and how they work—so that you become familiar with your choices.

Ball Faucets

A typical kitchen sink faucet is a ball faucet. You move these single handle faucets to regulate the flow of the water. The same faucet handle also controls the temperature. A lever ball inside the unit sits over an opening that permits water to flow through. This ball has many holes and slots in it. When properly aligned, hot and cold water move together through the faucet. Sadly, these faucets require many parts to work and constant wear and tear results in leaky faucets and frequent repairs.

Disc Faucets

Similar to ball faucets, disc faucets operate with the use of one single handle. The inner workings are vastly different, though. You can easily recognize a disc faucet by its wide cylindrical design. Inside, two ceramic discs work together to control the water. Hot and cold water is then mixed together inside a chamber.

The upfront costs are a little higher, but the modern design is highly reliable, so you won’t need to repair or replace it any time soon.

Compression Faucets

The oldest type of faucet still in use is a double handle faucet called. The compression faucet is mainly used for utility sinks and bathroom faucets in older homes. Each handle controls its own temperature. Fittingly named, they work by twisting a “compression stem” up or down. A washer inside is pressed down to form a seal and stop any water from entering the tap. Rotate the handle in the opposite direction, and water flows again. Although relatively inexpensive, this type of faucet becomes worn quickly and tends to leak.

Cartridge Faucets

Standard bathroom faucets usually have a hollow cartridge inside. A cartridge faucet features either one or two handles, and handle design can vary. Pressure is not used to open the tap. Instead, moving the handle shifts the cartridge and opens or blocks the waterline. This type of sink faucet is easy to operate and very durable. If you end up with a leaky faucet, replacing a worn-out cartridge is a simple repair.

Count on Us for Expert Ottawa Faucet Repair and Installation Services

The pros at Out of This World Plumbing are ready to help you with your Ottawa area faucet repair or installation needs. We’ll fix or replace your leaky faucet and save you time, plus our plumbing work is guaranteed! Contact us today.


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