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6 Warning Signs of a Broken Water Line

Keeping an eye out for signs of a broken water line can save you a considerable amount of money—you’ll prevent damage, avoid repairs and keep your water bill in check.

Your home’s plumbing system is directly linked to the public system through a network of underground supply pipes and drain pipes. Although built to be durable, this system is taxed by heavy loads and pressure, temperature swings, soil erosion, and root infiltration. These stressors can lead to leaks or, in some cases, pipe failure.

Any issue with water lines or sewer lines requires attention from a licensed plumber immediately, but it can be challenging to detect a problem due to the belowground location.

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We’ve compiled a list of warning signs that suggest you may have a broken water line in need of repair or replacement:

1. Discoloured Water

Clouded or dirty water in your plumbing system is cause for concern, especially if you notice it in multiple areas around your home. It could be a sign of contaminated water due to corroded water supply lines.

The plumbing industry has recently embraced the use of PEX pipes for water lines, but, unfortunately, it is not likely the pipes leading to your Ottawa home are new. Instead, they are probably the same age as your house is. These old pipes are made of galvanized metal which is vulnerable to deterioration.

If you also smell rotten eggs, seek professional help right away. Why? Because this smell is often linked to leaking sewage and contaminated water. It stems from a naturally occurring gas called hydrogen sulfide which is created by the breakdown of waste material. As you can imagine, this environment is a breeding ground for germs and bacteria.

Be sure to address these red flags early, and don’t use or bathe in your water until you know it is safe to do so.

2. Puddles on Your Grass

Is your yard soggy? If the weather is fine and your irrigation system isn’t malfunctioning, you shouldn’t notice standing water or wet spots in your grass.

If it’s not a poor drainage problem, a broken water line is presumably leaking underground. However, if you see actual water flowing into the street, you’re probably dealing with something more serious than a water leak, like a burst pipe.

3. High Water Bills

It’s alarming how much we pay for wasted water in Ontario. There is no question that leaky, older pipes affect our water supply lines and impact our water bills.

If it seems your water bill is high and you haven’t changed your water usage lately, investigate! Start by turning off all water sources in your home, and then go check your water meter. If the red indicator on the dial is moving, there is a chance you have a hidden leak. Since you can’t identify the water leak inside your home, it may be a broken pipe outside. It’s time to get your water line repaired by a professional plumber.

4. Water Damage to Your Home

If a main water line leak occurs close to your home, it can impact the structure itself. Any excess moisture, mould or wet rings you see indicate you’ve got a leaking pipe somewhere.

Foundational cracks are also signs of a broken pipe. This is because dripping water seeps into tiny cracks and then expands when exposed to the freezing temperatures we experience in Ottawa. Water damage is expensive and should be handled as soon as you see evidence of it.

5. Low Water Pressure

There are many causes of low water pressure, and it’s entirely normal to experience it from time to time. But, if you experience water pressure issues for an extended period of time, it could point to water line leaks or blockages.

6. Pipes Making Noise

Occasionally you can’t see a problem, but you can definitely hear one. Strange noises coming from your plumbing system are a big hint something’s not right. Call a plumber if you hear anything out of the ordinary, like banging, gurgling or bubbling. They’ll do a thorough inspection and make sure you don’t have a busted water pipe.

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If you suspect your water line is leaking or has lost function completely, our licensed plumbers will get to the root cause of the issue. And we won’t leave until we’ve safely and efficiently restored the line for you—guaranteed!

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