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Smells in The Home

Plumbing Smells in The Home

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Apart from smells in your home that are obviously plumbing-related (poop), there are many other smells that require an expert Ottawa plumber to diagnose and solve.

Open drains may produce sewer gas and smell or they may not, this stems from air pressure differences between the home and the sewer system and may need Ottawa sewer service.

It is important to notice when you get a recurring smell as it could be due to a pressure change from a windy day or when your furnace fan runs etc.

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What Is Causing My Home To Smell?

1. Toilet Poop

Plumbing smells in the home can come from a variety of places and not the obvious ones that you may think (poop)

2. Plumbing System

A home can produce many strange smells and a lot of these are from your plumbing system- from venting issues to degraded seals on toilets and so many other things.

3. Sewage System

A dry trap can cause sewage smell to come up through the sewage system and into the home. This can be remedied by putting water into the trap which seals out the smell. This is why a home must be plumbed correctly by licensed experts as they know where issues like venting  and sewer smells can occur. 

How to Find Bad Smells in Your Home

To remedy smells in the home check this list created by Out of This World:

1. Floor Drains & Unused Fixtures

Ensure all floor drains and unused fixtures have water in them. For example, an unused shower in the basement may leak sewer gas as the drain piping has run dry, thus letting the sewage gas through from the main sewage line into the home.

2. Stinky Bathroom

Clean and bleach the overflow slot in your bathroom sinks- these can cause nasty smells from bacteria.

3. Broken Seals and Flanges

Broken seals or flanges on toilets need to be fixed and replaced.

4. Leaky Gas

A leaky gas valve from a furnace or water heater must be fixed immediately! 

5. Uncleaned Drain

Food debris in the kitchen sink drain can cause smells from rotting food and bacterial growth. Ensure you scrape food off plates, etc. You may need to call in a professional for drain cleaning in Ottawa to get your sink drains cleaned and jetted to clear the debris out.

6. Hidden Dead Animals

We have been called to many a home to investigate a smell only to find a dead mouse near a plumbing fixture.

7. Unrefrigerated Foods

Ensure you put away perishable food into a refrigerator or freezer. We were called out to a home once and the smell was coming from near the freezer- it turned out the homeowner had put a pack of chicken legs on top of the fridge to put it away and forgot about it!

8. Non Functioning Fridges/Freezers

Additionally, make sure your fridges and freezers are plugged in or not burnt out. 

9. Hidden Mold

Mold in the home can cause smells. The source of these can sometimes take time to find.

Out of This World Plumbing Can Find The Smell In Your Home

The best way to find a plumbing-related smell? We can use a smoke machine that gets attached to your plumbing system. Once the smoke is in the system, it will show up where the leak is. The smoke is non-toxic and dissipates from the home within an hour.

If you have any smells in the home you think may be plumbing-related, give Out of This World a call! We offer a full range of plumbing services in Ottawa and throughout the valley!

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