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Where Is My Main Water Valve?

main water shut off valve in ottawa home

Why does it matter that I know where my main valve is? I don’t need to use it!

Many homeowners think this is the case- after all, you’re not a plumber and not likely to be turning off your water any time soon.

But knowing where this valve is, and knowing it works well, can protect your home from full mains city water flooding into your home.

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What Is A Main Water Valve?

Your main valve is the most important fixture in your plumbing system and even if you have a slight drip from this valve, it must be changed out. If your valve totally lets go, you will need to call the city to turn off the stop valve in the front of your property, which in Ottawa and cold climates is 6 feet under the ground (to prevent freezing).

This visit from the city can take a few hours and if your valve is inaccessible (the valve cap is usually visible in your front yard) your yard may need to be dug up to locate it. So it really is important to know where your valve is and to ensure it works well.

How to Locate Your Main Water Valve

If you are unaware of where your valve is, it is usually at the front of the home. on the wall facing the city road (although not always).

Main Water Valve Tips

  • Check that the valve turns freely twice a year (a good time to do it when testing your smoke alarm too)
  • Show and tag the valve for home-sitters and older children so they know where to turn it off
  • Consider a leak detection unit like the Moen Flo, which turns the valve off if it detects unusual use of water

Learn more about the Flo by Moen in our video below!

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