Why Does Toilet Stink Ottawa

Even the cleanest homeowners occasionally encounter this toilet problem – an obnoxious odour that leaves you asking, “Why does my toilet stink?”

Toilets do have a tendency to give off unpleasant, even putrid, smells. You’ll be relieved to hear, though, that getting rid of them is usually fairly simple. Here’s why your toilet stinks and how to fix it.

Toilet Not Being Used

When a toilet goes too long without being flushed (for example, in a guest washroom or unused rental unit), water in the toilet bowl tends to evaporate. As a result, smelly gases escape from the plumbing pipes.

Solution: Simply flushing the toilet will refill the bowl. (You might have to do this several times before the odour disperses.)

Seeping Stinky Bacteria

Although the water in your toilet tank is clean and even drinkable, bacteria can grow in your toilet’s feeder pipes, particularly during hot and humid summer weather. These pesky microorganisms not only smell like rotten eggs; they’re generally unhealthy to have in your home.

Solution: Remove the toilet tank lid and pour a cup of bleach into the overflow pipe. Let stand a few minutes to disinfect, then flush. The bleach-y water will flow down into the bowl; leave it a couple of hours before flushing again.

Mould Buildup

An acrid, musty stench is likely caused by mould buildup in the toilet. “But I clean all the time,” you may protest. “Why does my toilet still stink?” The reason is that mould forms under the rim, (very quickly) an area that many people may neglect to clean really well.

Solution: Wear breathing protection for mould removal. Scrub the rim’s underside using an old toothbrush and either bleach or white vinegar (NEVER both together – they form a toxic combination). This will also remove any feces that may have splashed onto the rim. Don’t forget to clean the underside of the toilet seat as well!

Clogged Drain

Sometimes your toilet drain becomes partially clogged (gradually or all at once). When this happens, your toilet will take longer to drain and refill, causing the water level to drop. When the toilet tank is underfilled or takes a long time to fill, this can allow smelly sewer gas to come back. The result is a bit confusing – you’re still able to flush, but you have a horrible odour coming from the toilet.

Solution: Be careful about flushing your toilet if you suspect a blockage — the result might be an overflow. Try plunging the toilet or snaking the drain pipe to dislodge whatever’s blocking it.

Broken Toilet Seal

There’s a ring-shaped wax seal inside your toilet’s base. If this seal is broken, both odours and water will leak into the room. The toilet may also start to “rock” on its base.

Solution: Ask our licensed plumbers to replace the seal.

Cracked Toilet

A crack in the toilet bowl might be causing a slow water leak. As a result, the amount of water in the toilet bowl is lower than it should be, allowing foul-smelling gas in from your sewer pipes.

Solution: Repair might be possible for a crack above the water line, but if the damage is lower, you’ll probably need a new toilet.

Get Rid Of Toilet Odours

Contact Out of This World to take care of your stinky problem. Our plumbing professionals will repair or replace your toilet, quickly and efficiently.


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