A Safe Drain Cleaner for Your Home

If you’ve experienced a drain clog in the past you know what a hassle they can be. It’s really important, however, to avoid using caustic drain cleaners as they can really damage the inside of your pipes. What’s a home owner to do?

The answer is to let nature do the work. BioOne is the most advanced microbial drain, septic and grease trap treatment available. You read that correctly – it’s made of bacteria! It is comprised of naturally occurring strains of live bacterial cultures with an exceptional appetite for organic matter.

Why is this important? Many clogged sink drains are caused by organic matter like hair, oils and soap scum. Over time they build up inside your plumbing and eventually lead to clogs. These days, we tend to use anti-bacterial hand sanitizers, and when these go down the drain they kill off the natural bacteria that would normally eat the build up and keep it in check. BioOne replenishes the bacteria, and they do the rest. It’s the same principle as eating probiotic foods like yogurt to help keep your digestive system healthy.

You can use BioOne in kitchen drains, bathroom drains and in your toilet (it’s safe for septic systems). It can be used to remove minor clogs, and should used monthly to prevent clogs in your plumbing waste lines.

BioOne is safe to use and is reported to be the only drain cleaning product awarded the EPA’s “Safer Choice” rating as designed to be safe for the environment. Unlike caustic chemical drain clearing products, BioOne will not harm you, your skin or that of your family and pets. If spilled BioOne can simply be wiped up with an ordinary cloth.

In septic tanks, BioOne reduces the grease and scum top layer by breaking them down and helps prevent build up of organic material in the bottom layer of sludge. It also reduces organic clogs to inlet and outlet pipes, and reduces organic build up and obstruction from tank to drain field.

How To Use

Household Drain Treatment

BioOne can be used to clear for slow running drains by pouring in 2 ounces daily for a at least 5 days. BioOne can be poured into every drain in the house. BioOne does not damage surfaces or fixture finishes. For keeping clear drains running well, BioOne should be applied once a month.

Septic Tanks

In septic tanks, use it after the tank has been pumped out to assist with activating the biological cycle. BioOne can be used in the fall or at any time to boost the performance of the system. To use, simply empty the entire container down any drain in the house; most people prefer to pour into the toilet but it is your choice.

One of the most common causes of sewer line blockages is tree roots invading the pipe. They sneak in through joints or cracks in the pipe looking for water and nutrients. Over time they grow, debris gets caught in them, and this leads to blockages and even backflow.

We love our trees, but not when their roots invade our sewer lines. A blocked sewer pipe isn’t just inconvenient, it’s a health hazard that can be expensive to fix. Left unchecked, the sewer line may be destroyed by tree roots.

If you suspect tree roots may be a problem in your sewer line, ask your Out of This World Plumbing technician about RootX – it may be the perfect solution.

There’s A Better Way

RootX is a chemical root killer that your plumber uses to treat the pipe. On contact with water, it forms a foam that quickly spreads throughout the inside of the line. It does not block the pipe, and the foam dissipates within 15 minutes. Within 1 hour it starts killing the roots it comes in contact with – and only those roots. The dead roots decay over time and are washed away with your grey water.

Why RootX is better than mechanical root cutting:

  • Just like pruning a tree, cutting the roots can actually encourage bushier regrowth.
  • RootX works faster.
  • RootX has longer lasting results, because it leaves a barrier around the inside of the pipe that discourages new roots.

RootX is guaranteed to keep a 4 to 6-inch pipe free of root blockages for 12 months, and an 8-inch pipe running for 24 months. Once a pipe is known to be vulnerable to tree root invasion, regular repeat treatments are recommended.

If your pipe is completely blocked by roots, your plumber may advise a combination of physically cutting the roots and a RootX treatment to make sure everything is completely cleared and regrowth is discouraged.

A Sewer Line Root Killer That’s Safe for Sewer Pipes and Waste Systems

RootX will not damage your pipes. It is non-caustic, and does not contain standard root killing chemicals like metam sodium, copper sulphate or diquat dibromide. That means it is safe for your sewer lines, septic systems, and municipal wastewater treatment plants.

Amazingly, RootX is Environmentally Friendly

RootX only kills the roots within the pipe that gets treated. It will not harm any other vegetation growing above the pipe in your garden.

The EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) has approved RootX for general use across the United States (EPA registration #68464-1). It is also approved for use in Canada.

It is non-systemic, which means it is not soluble enough in water to be absorbed by plants and transported to the rest of the plant. It is also non-fumigating, which means it does not form a poisonous gas.

Exclusive to Out of This World Plumbing

You can’t get Rootx at your local Ottawa hardware store. We’d be happy to assess your sewer line blockage problem, and if it’s a tree root issue we will likely recommend RootX.

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