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Root damage is a prevalent issue with residential sewer lines. As trees spread their roots in search of water, they very often find their way into a cracked sewer pipe.

When your sewer line is blocked due to tree roots, RootX is the solution to kill pipeline roots and unblock your pipes. Not available at your local hardware store, the Out of This World Plumbing team is happy to offer RootX treatment for your pipeline blockages. Our team of expert drain and sewer technicians is who Ottawa trusts to get their pipes flowing again.

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How Does RootX Work?

RootX is a chemical root killer that is a much better solution than mechanical root cutting. It works faster and has longer-lasting results because it leaves a barrier on the pipeline walls to protect from further root growth. We don’t recommend mechanical root cutting mostly because just like pruning a tree, cutting roots can discourage bushier regrowth.

With RootX, it forms a sticky foam on contact with water that spreads throughout the inside of the line. It does not block the pipe, and the foam dissipates within 15 minutes. Within 1 hour it starts killing the roots it comes in contact with – and only those roots. The dead roots decay over time and are washed away with your greywater.

RootX is guaranteed to keep a 4 to 6-inch pipe free of root blockages for 12 months, and an 8-inch pipe running for 24 months. Once a pipe is known to be vulnerable to tree root invasion, regular repeat treatments are recommended.

In your plumber’s inspection, they may advise a combination of mechanical root cutting and a RootX treatment to make sure everything is completely cleared and regrowth is discouraged.

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Is RootX Harmful To The Environment?

RootX is non-caustic and doesn’t use the chemicals most other root killer products use (even the ones with the lowest chemical hazard rating) such as metam sodium, copper sulphate, or diquat dibromide. It is safe for your sewer lines, septic systems, municipal wastewater systems, and the environment.

The Environmental protection agency approved RootX in the United States and Canada. It will only kill the pipeline roots and is not soluble enough in water to be absorbed by the plant or other vegetation growing around it. We have used this product to fix many residential sewer lines in the Ottawa area.

Signs You Have Tree Roots Growing Into Your Sewer Line

Sewer Clogs

Typically when your sewer or septic system drains are clogged, they will back up on the lower levels first (in the basement drain or the first-floor bathtub). A clogged sewer from the roots catching the debris you’re trying to flush away will quickly cause a sewer backup. Keep in mind that a clogged sewer is not automatically due to root growth.

An assessment from our expert plumbers will help you get to the bottom of the issue and suggest the right way to fix it.

Slow Drains

Your drainage pipes take the wastewater from your home to the municipal storm pipes. When pipes are damaged and root control is needed, your drains may move very slowly. Keep in mind that root growth is not the only possible reason your drains aren’t flowing.

Check first that this isn’t an isolated case. If your kitchen drain is slow, but your bathroom sink is draining just fine, it’s most likely just a grease buildup making it hard for water to flow, but if you had root damage the whole home’s system would be draining slowly.

Bad Odours

Just as your tree roots are drawn to your water lines, your sewer or septic system lines are just the same. Sometimes in Ottawa’s older neighbourhoods, sewer or septic system pipes are clay and break easily. Tree roots can make it even worse and can back it up, causing a bad smell inside and outside the house.

Puddles & Sink Holes

When tree roots make their way into your water line and cause even more damage, and eventually destroy the underground pipe walls and cause puddles to form on your lawn. If left untreated, water will eventually saturate and erode your soil, forming a sinkhole. Sinkholes are nothing to scoff at: they can cause foundation problems and structural issues before you know it.

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Out of This World Plumbing can administer the RootX treatment in your home’s plumbing system. We are known as Ottawa’s friendliest plumbers for a reason- we guarantee clean, respectful, high-quality work at every job we do. Our team of certified professionals also has their work backed by a satisfaction guarantee.

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Why Do Tree Roots Grow Into Sewer Pipes?

Why Do Tree Roots Grow Into Sewer Pipes?

Why does an underground pipe crack in the first place? Are trees always to blame?

While your curb appeal and landscaping may benefit from trees, shrubs, and other above-ground vegetation, your sewer lines may not. Tree roots are there to grow towards nutrients and water to feed themselves. While root growth has the strength to grow into your pipes, it is drawn to the condensation on the outside of the pipe walls. When your pipes crack and wear from old age, they begin to leak and you typically get a root intrusion. From there, more roots will grow into the pipeline surfaces and cause further damage, until you have roots in the entire pipe and a complete blockage on your hands.

This is why it is extremely important to get RootX treatment as soon as you notice signs of root growth in your pipes. If you wait too long, you could have a complete blockage on your hands from a root mass. Out of this World Plumbing will send a plumbing professional to your home for an evaluation and treatment of your sewer root growth.

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