Residential Plumbing in
Greely & Manotick

Greely is a small rural community where residents enjoy its convenient location near the capital and all it has to offer without sacrificing a quiet countryside lifestyle. 

A few minutes drive away sits Manotick, just on the edge of the Rideau River. It’s a beautiful art enthusiast’s paradise with entertainment options ranging from boutique shops to topnotch restaurants for residents and visitors to enjoy.

Out of this World Plumbing has been proud to serve these and other Ottawa area communities with expert customer care for years. These communities feature older homes near the water (anywhere from 25 to 60 years old), so much of our work focuses on regular maintenance and in-home flood prevention.

Plumbing Pro Tip for Greely & Manotick Homeowners

Sump pumps work hard to keep water from flooding your basement, but if the power goes out, or the pump fails – they aren’t any help. Adding a battery operated emergency pump will give you the piece of mind that your home is protected against a potential plumbing emergency.


Home age: 0 – 50

If you ever see us out in a newer Greely development, we are likely there for a free quality water test and consultation – for the installation of a new water treatment system. Homes that are supplied by a private well in Greely will have hard water. Most will require a water softener, and in some cases an iron or sulfur filter as well. 


Most homes between: 25- 60

After 25 years, leaks are inevitable as pipes and valves begin to age. This is the most common plumbing issue we fix in this area. 

Half of the homes in Manotick have their water supplied by a private well – and so they will require a water softener, as all of the well water there is considered moderately hard. Iron and sulfur are also found in some pockets. Most homes in Manotick will already have some type of water treatment system, but after 10-20 years they may require replacement.

Most homes in both Greely & Manotick will require a sump pump to protect against flooding. These systems last on average about 10 years, and should be monitored and tested regularly – especially during the Spring when the snow melts. We also recommend you periodically check to make sure that your discharge line is clear of any blockages. It may also be worth considering a battery backup sump pump in the event the primary pump fails, or there is a power outage. 

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All our techs are experts who are well-trained and background checked, and our plumbers are Red Seal certified. Out of This World Plumbing is committed to providing professional water quality testing, sump pump installation and other plumbing services to the Greely and Manotick communities—100% satisfaction guaranteed!

If you’d like to learn more about our history of commitment to the best customer service, we invite you to visit our award page.

We’re proud of and humbled by the votes we’ve received from our customers in the communities we serve. Some highlights include Baeumler Approved, Consumer Choice “Ottawa’s Best Plumbing Contractor” (3 years running), “Best of HomeStars Award” (6 years), and Top Choice Award (7 years in a row).

Signs of a Water Leak

Stay alert to the following signs that tend to indicate a water leak somewhere in your house. If you notice any of them, turn off the water valve and contact us for help.

  1. Unexplained spike in your water bill. When your water bill suddenly shoots up 10-20% for no apparent reason, that’s a clue you probably have a hidden water leak.
  2. Bubbling, discoloured, or peeling paint. Excess moisture from a hidden leak often affects the appearance or texture of paint on your walls or ceiling.
  3. Mysterious warm spots. Run your hands along the walls. If you feel any strange warm spots, you most likely have a big, noticable leak on your hands. 
  4. Sound of dripping or trickling water. If you hear what sounds like running water coming from behind your wall – when no one is using your faucets, shower, or toilet — believe your ears and contact us for a leak inspection ASAP.
  5. Mould or mildew. When mould or mildew shows up on your walls, that’s a clear sign of excess damp – frequently caused by a plumbing leak. Even before it’s visible to the eye, mould growth may become obvious in the form of a musty, acrid smell.
  6. Wet floor or drywall. Wet or mouldy flooring, carpet, or drywall is a definite warning signal that water is flowing from somewhere.
  7. Water meter reading. Now, not all water meters can be read, so first check if your water meter has a legible dial. Avoid using any water in your house for the next 2 hours; then check the meter once again. A change in the reading will confirm that you do, indeed, have a leak.

Our Plumbing Services

Pipes may easily freeze and even burst in Manotick and Greely winter cold, particularly when the temperature falls below 15 degrees C. If your pipes have frozen, just give us a call — the Out of This World Plumbing team is here to help.

Undetected leaks can be dangerous and could lead to expensive damages and repairs. If you suspect there’s a leak somewhere in your plumbing, contact us for professional leak detection and repair. We can find and fix the issue before it gets worse.

No matter your problem, whether your toilet is clogged, won’t flush, is leaking, or makes suspicious sounds, our team is here to help. Learn more about our toilet repairs here.

A broken bathroom or kitchen faucet is a small plumbing fixture that can cause a big hassle. Not to worry, your local faucet repair and replacement pros are here to help. Learn more about our faucet repairs and installation services.

Do you want to install or replace a bathtub or shower? We guarantee leak-free drainage and maximum bathroom fixture lifespan with our expert service. Learn more about our shower and bathtub repairs and installation.

Houses in Greely and Manotick are especially susceptible to flooding. A sump pump will protect your home. Our team will professionally install your sump pump and even help you get a City of Ottawa rebate, if eligible. Learn more about installing a sump pump.

If you have an issue with your water heater (maybe it’s leaking or failing to heat your water completely), call us for water heater repair. We fix any type of water heater — gas or electric, tank or tankless. Learn more about our hot water tank repairs and installation.

Living in Greely and Manotick means your water likely comes from a private well, and you want to know the water you’re drinking is safe. We offer free water testing, including a consultation on the right treatment to improve water quality in your home. Learn more about our water treatment solutions.

When you’re planning a new kitchen, bathroom, or laundry room, it’s a good idea to build professional plumbing work into those plans. Out of This World will handle all your plumbing needs, so you don’t have to. Learn more about our kitchen, bathroom and laundry room renovations.

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