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Reverse Osmosis Systems Kanata, ON

Have you heard about reverse osmosis in Kanata and you’re interested in learning more? Or maybe you know people with one of these systems and you’d like one for yourself.

Reach out to us at Out of This World Plumbing and one of our Kanata plumbing experts will be there soon to help you install your system and get it working well for your family.

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What Is Reverse Osmosis & How Does It Work?

A semipermeable barrier is used in the reverse osmosis (RO) technique to filter out ions, molecules, and larger particles from water. This form of filtration uses pressure to push water through a membrane, allowing only pure water molecules to pass through. Clean, mineral- and contaminant-free water is the end product of this process.

Due to its efficiency in large-scale water purification, reverse osmosis is frequently used in homes. Being able to remove a variety of impurities, such as bacteria, viruses, dissolved solids, and chemicals, makes it a common option for water treatment centers.

In order to isolate pure water from impurities, reverse osmosis entails passing water through a number of filters and a semipermeable membrane. After that, the cleaned water is gathered, and the impure water is flushed away as wastewater.

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What Does Reverse Osmosis Remove?

A Kanata reverse osmosis water purification system filters out dissolved solids and sediments such as sand or clay. According to the US Center for Disease Control, reverse osmosis also removes contaminants like the following:

  • Chloride
  • Chromium
  • Copper
  • Lead
  • Sodium

The process typically removes other chemicals, including:

  • Arsenic
  • Calcium
  • Fluoride
  • Magnesium
  • Nitrate
  • Phosphorous
  • Potassium
  • Radium
  • Sulphate

Removal of dietary minerals such as magnesium is sometimes mentioned as a downside of reverse osmosis. However, there is an optional cartridge from the K5 by Kinetico that will re-mineralize the water.

Do Kanata Residents Need Reverse Osmosis?

Anyone who wants to guarantee that their water is safe to consume and free of contaminants should consider reverse osmosis. It is particularly helpful for people who reside in areas with poor water quality or who are worried about the possible health risks of consuming unfiltered water.

Here’s who might benefit from a reverse osmosis system in Kanata:

  • Homeowners who use untreated municipal water from their city or depend on well water
  • People whose immune systems are weak, such as those with illness or HIV/AIDS
  • Individuals who are worried about the flavor or smell of their ingesting water
  • Those who reside in regions where the water is contaminated with lead or other toxins
  • Organizations that use high-quality water for manufacturing or other industrial operations
  • Restaurants and other food preparation facilities are subject to stringent health and safety requirements.

Kinetico Reverse Osmosis Systems

Here at Out of This World Plumbing, we’re proud to be a Kinetico authorized dealer. Kinetico systems not only perform as promised, they have added health benefits when compared to bottled water or other reverse osmosis systems in Kanata.

Only Kinetico systems:

  • Remove 96.4% (or more) of fluoride particles
  • Remove 99.95% of dissolved solids like organic matter
  • Have longer lasting membranes
  • Perform reliably, with no peaks or drops
  • Add back healthy minerals, like calcium
  • Have EverClean® Rinse system to ensure the membrane doesn’t get clogged with impurities
  • Have a sensor that lets you know when it’s time to replace the filter (with most systems you find out with bad-tasting water)
  • Produce more water faster
  • Are independently certified by the Water Quality Association
  • Cost less for every glass when compared to bottled water

Kanata’s Reverse Osmosis Experts

Get your water tested and find out if reverse osmosis in Kanata is a good solution for your home when you call us at Out of This World Plumbing today. We’ll be there soon to help you get your system up and running. Make your appointment now!

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Plumbing Pro Tip for Kanata Homeowners

Leaking Valves

Most homes in the Kanata area are over 20 years old, and one common issue homes experience at that age is leaking valves. To prevent this, our plumbers in Kanata recommend turning the valves once every six months to prevent them from seizing.

Glen Cairn

Most homes between: 35-65

Leaks are very common in Glen Cairn. Water marks on ceilings and leaking shutoff valves, toilets and faucets are a reality when homes are this age. It is especially important for people in areas like this to ensure that their main water valve is functional – as they tend to seize after decades of not being used.

Bridlewood, Katimivik, Kanata Lakes & Kanata North

Most homes between: 20-45 years

Toilets and faucets that are original to the home are often coming to the end of their life, and require replacement. Pipes and valves may start to leak, especially under the kitchen sink. If you notice any of these issues, reach out to plumbers in Kanata!


Most homes between: 45-60 years

In addition to general plumbing repairs, we are often invited to these beautiful homes in this area to assist with larger projects to modernise the interior, such as relocating laundry rooms to the main floor, or renovating a bathroom or kitchen.

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