Installing a Woodford outdoor faucet is a great way to winterize your outdoor faucet in Ottawa. The benefits of a Frost-Free hose bib vs a standard outdoor faucet make it a smart purchase for Ottawa homeowners. The cold weather brings its own list of challenges and while you’re thinking about heating your home and dusting off the family gingerbread recipe, you don’t need to worry about whether your pipes are going to freeze and burst water all over. 

Ottawa winters get bitterly cold, and one of the highest causes of bursting pipes are the ones leading to your outdoor faucet. The Woodford frost-free faucets can give you peace of mind as they are guaranteed not to burst, and the Out of This World Plumbing can make sure your faucet is installed properly, which is half the battle!

Woodford Frost-Free Wall Faucets

How Does a Frost-Proof Faucet Work?

With a frost-proof faucet, half the battle is proper installation. Correct installation requires downward pitch, this lets water drain out of the faucet completely when it is shut off. If installed incorrectly, water will get trapped in the tube and burst. 

The water shut-off is several inches into the home. Woodford guarantees that the only possible cause of their tube bursting is an obstruction such as a hose being left on in freezing temperatures or improper installation. This is why you should trust Ottawa’s best plumbers on the Out of This World team.

A burst frozen pipe is when the outside temperature starts to freeze and continues into the house. Eventually the copper pipes will burst to relieve the pressure, only a few drops of water will leak at the time. Once the weather warms, the ice in the faucet will melt and cause a large leak.

Woodford Outdoor Faucets

Woodford Model 14 Freezeless Faucet

This Freezeless faucet drains when the handle is shut off and the hose is removed and is designed for outdoor applications. Made with durable stainless steel, and an adjustable polycarbonate flange to make it easier to mount. With a max temperature of 120 degrees fahrenheit and max pressure of 125 psi, this model comes with optional tee-key for vandal resistance and optional backflow preventer as well.

Woodford Model 16 Freezeless Faucet

Woodford Model 16 Freezeless Faucet

This freezeless faucet model contains an internal resetting pressure relief valve which prevents the faucet casing tube from bursting in freezing conditions even if a hose is unintentionally left on. Built with a no-lead solder, an adjustable polycarbonate wall flange, and stainless steel seat. This particular model has a maximum pressure of 125 psi and a maximum temperature of 120 degrees Fahrenheit. This is the best model for the coldest climates.

Woodford Model 25 Freezeless Faucet

This freezeless model has a built-in, anti-siphon vacuum breaker. Even if you forget your hose on in below zero temperature, this faucet will still completely drain! Brass finish and head nut, as well as a molded nitrile valve. This model has a maximum pressure of 125 psi and a maximum temperature of 120 degrees fahrenheit . Vacuum breaker replacement is recommended 3-5 years.

Woodford Model 32 Lawn Sprinkler Supply

This lawn sprinkler supply wall hydrant is freezeless and designed for irrigation purposes. It is made primarily of brass with a maximum pressure 125 psi and a maximum temperature of 120 degrees fahrenheit. Key-operated with a removable drain plug which allows for servicing at any time and it’s perfect for ponds and other outside water needs. It can be retrofitted to existing homes and adapted to varying wall thicknesses.

Request An Appointment For Woodford Faucet Installation

The key with freezeless faucets is the installation. It’s important to have a professional handle the installation of your faucet in order to take advantage of the Woodford guarantee and extensive warranty.

The Out of this World team is trained and experienced in installing Woodford faucets and would be happy to help make sure you’re ready to brave Ottawa’s harsh winters!

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The faucets, the kettle have remained sparkling clean since the install with only a quick wipe. The shower doors are no longer a daily chore to keep clean. The water feels silky to the touch. It is an amazing system and I wish we had known about it years ago. Highly recommend the Kinetico system as well as the Out of This World) team … (2017)
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