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Frozen Pipes

Frozen Pipes Ottawa

Pipes freeze when the water inside is allowed to get cold enough to solidify. The freezing process usually takes some time as water requires a lot of heat (or cool) energy to change temperature. In extremely cold weather, pipes can freeze in a matter of minutes.

If you have frozen pipes in Ottawa or your pipes have burst, the plumbing service experts at Out of This World Plumbing can help.

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Older Ottawa area homes (pre 1960’s) were built when people had less knowledge on how and where to apply insulating systems that kept us toasty on cold days. As such the homes tend to be more draughty and generally colder the older they are more vulnerable. Also, homes where there has been renovation especially in the basement.

If this is the first winter after after the renovation there are potential risks from freezing even if the renovation is fairly minor. Piping that has been exposed for years without any problems may now suddenly freeze. If this happens, it is usually because the house used to leak/waste so much heat that the air moving around the pipes kept them from freezing.

Now that the pipes are covered by new walls and insulation, the air movement that used to keep the pipes from freezing is not moving. Unless great care was taken with the new insulation system the pipes are more likely to stay cold and freeze in the new walls (unfortunately we have seen this quite a few times).

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How to Prevent Pipes from Freezing

Here are some tips to ensure your pipes don’t freeze in Ottawa’s cold winters:
  • Leave a tap open (dripping) on pipes where freezing is likely to happen or has happened before.  This will keep water in the pipes moving and reduces the likelihood that freezing will occur.
  • Leave the space around the pipes as open as possible, this allows warmer air to circulate around them. As long as the air temperature is above freezing the air movement will assist in keeping the pipe warm enough so that it will not freeze.
  • Ensure your house heating is on and all areas get heated evenly, cold spots are more likely to freeze.
  • Insulate, insulate! If your pipes are accessible, insulate with the foam wrapping you can get from most hardware stores.
  • If your pipes are hidden by drywall, open up all doors to allow the house heat to move through all rooms.
  • If the temperatures are dipping consider using a heater in the areas you think are most likely to freeze.
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FAQ: Freezing Pipes

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