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Ottawa Hot Water Tanks

Most people don’t think about their Ottawa hot water tank until they suddenly run out of hot water. It’s only then that they realize just how important it is for their daily lives. If you have found yourself without hot water or with hot water problems, call the Ottawa plumbing service techs at Out of This World Plumbing. Our experienced Ottawa plumbers will get to you quickly, assess your needs, and get a solution in place with our trusted Ottawa hot water heater services.

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Ottawa Water Heater Repair

We can repair any type of hot water tank in Ottawa – either a traditional water heater or a gas tankless heater. But first – make sure it’s not a rental water heater!

Many people rent their tank and tankless water heaters in Ottawa. With a rental gas unit, your company should be able to sort out any issues you may have with your tank and replace it if needed.

If you are unsure if you own or rent your hot water tank in Ottawa, a sticker or label should be displayed on gas units that may show the rental company’s information. Alternatively you can look at your utility bills to see if you have rental charges on them. This will be a hydro or gas bill depending on the heat source for your tank. The rental only covers the tank, but not the supply lines to and from it.

If you own your own Ottawa hot water tank, you will need to call a professional licensed plumber to correct any hot water tank leaks or hot water heater problems.

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Ottawa Water Heater Maintenance

If you don’t want to have to call us and say, “Fix my water heater,” then make sure you call us for regular water heater maintenance! Regular maintenance can increase the efficiency of your hot water tank in Ottawa and help avoid problems before they turn into emergencies – especially on older water heaters.

We’ll drain your Ottawa hot water heater, getting rid of any sediment or other particles that might be in your tanks. We’ll also test for rust and do everything we can to keep your water heater running well so you can always have the hot water you need.

Ottawa Water Heater Installation & Replacement

Trust Out of This World Plumbing with your tank or tankless water heater installation! If you are ready to purchase a new Ottawa hot water tank, we can help recommend the right type of water heater for your needs and your priorities.

Our water heater installation is performed by a licensed plumber with both a plumbing and a gas license. It is important for homeowners to verify this, as having a gas license for this work is required by law.

Trusted Tank & Tankless Water Heater Brands

Giant Water Heaters

A Giant water heater is a perfect solution to your Ottawa hot water needs. This family-owned company cares about heating water in an efficient and eco-friendly way. Giant provides both quality tank and tankless units.

Rheem Water Heaters

Since 1925, Rheem has been providing North America with quality tank and tankless water heater models. Their goal is to provide Ottawa residents with energy efficient gas models designed for zero waste. Rheem specializes in both tank and tankless units.

Rinnai Tankless Water Heater

Rinnai is the perfect solution for your tankless water heater installation. This excellent tankless water heater brand has installed over 30 million units worldwide. Rinnai strives to ensure their products are energy efficient and environmentally friendly.

Your Local Ottawa Hot Water Tank Experts

Call us today at Out of This World Plumbing for whatever Ottawa hot water tank service you need. We will get to you as soon as we can so that we can get you the hot water you need. Trust the Ottawa hot water heater professionals at Out of This World and reach out to us today!

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