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Leak Repair & Leak Detection Ottawa

Undetected leaks are a major cause of water damage to Ottawa homes, as well as the reason behind many sky-high water bills. When hidden leaks are not treated promptly, they often lead to mould and mildew growth (a serious hazard to human health), basement flooding, and damage to the very structure of your house.

If you have the slightest suspicion that there could be water leakage somewhere in your home, call our Ottawa plumbing service technicians for leak detection in Ottawa right away. We’ll get to you quickly, locate the source of the leak and repair it ASAP. Call our Ottawa plumbers today!

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Our Leak Detection Process

Some water leaks are obvious – you can easily spot a dripping faucet or water heater, for example. However, hidden leaks are much more difficult to locate without drastic measures like opening up your walls or digging into your foundation.

Fortunately, Out of This World has specialized tools and professional plumbing knowledge to aid us in our plumbing inspection and leak detection. We will track down and repair your problem at its source.

Common Leaks

Leaks commonly occur in several different areas of the home. Our plumbing experts have experiencing locating and repairing leaks in the areas below:

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Toilet Leaks

Toilets can leak in a number of different ways, some of which are less apparent than others. For example, a faulty fill valve or malfunctioning flap valve might produce undetected leakage.

Faucet Leaks Inside The Wall

A faucet dripping into the sink, tub, or shower is easy to see, but sometimes the water leakage will flow into your wall cavity instead. Bad news!

Plumbing Pipe Leaks

Most of your home plumbing pipes are located inside your walls, making them a prime spot for hidden leaks. Common causes of leaky pipes include high water pressure, corrosion, loosened fittings, or strain due to untreated clogged drains.

Appliance Or Fixture Leaks

Leaks from sinks are often hidden away inside bathroom vanities or kitchen cabinets, while leakage from a clothes washer might show up only once the appliance has been moved away from the wall. Older tank-style water heaters sometimes develop hard-to-spot pinhole leaks along the base of their tank.

Professional Ottawa Leak Detection & Repair

Call us at Out of This World Plumbing as soon as you think you might need water leak detection in Ottawa, or leak repair. We have the latest technology to detect these leaks before they cost you too much or do damage to your home. We’ll find our leak and get your pipes repaired so you can get back to living the life you love.

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Signs of a Water Leak

Stay alert to the following signs that tend to indicate a water leak somewhere in your house. If you notice any of them, turn off the water valve and contact us for help.
  1. Unexplained spike in your water bill. When your water bill suddenly shoots up 10-20% for no apparent reason, that’s a clue you probably have a hidden water leak.
  2. Bubbling, discoloured, or peeling paint. Excess moisture from a hidden leak often affects the appearance or texture of paint on your walls or ceiling.
  3. Mysterious warm spots. Run your hands along the walls. If you feel any strange warm spots, you most likely have a big, noticeable leak on your hands.
  4. Sound of dripping or trickling water. If you hear what sounds like running water coming from behind your wall – when no one is using your faucets, shower, or toilet — believe your ears and contact us for a leak inspection ASAP.
  5. Mould or mildew. When mould or mildew shows up on your walls, that’s a clear sign of excess damp – frequently caused by a plumbing leak. Even before it’s visible to the eye, mould growth may become obvious in the form of a musty, acrid smell.
  6. Wet floor or drywall. Wet or mouldy flooring, carpet, or drywall is a definite warning signal that water is flowing from somewhere.
  7. Water meter reading. Now, not all water meters can be read, so first check if your water meter has a legible dial. Avoid using any water in your house for the next 2 hours; then check the meter once again. A change in the reading will confirm that you do, indeed, have a leak.
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Out of This World Service & Results

Delivering ‘out of this world’ service means more than simply fixing your problem. It means that your home, time, family, and pets are respected. If we fail to deliver this level of service, and you are not 100% satisfied with your service, we will refund up to 100% of your invoice.

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