Like any major part of your home, you want to make sure you have the best hot water heater for your Ottawa home. It’s important to make sure that you have the right make and model that fits your needs, your home, and your family. Your current water heater may just need some repairs, but if it’s time for a new one- we can help!

The Out of This World Plumbing are installers for Giant Water Heaters and are happy to help suggest the right model and get it installed. Giant offers many different models and the team has the expertise to tell you which model would be best for your uses.

Giant Hot Water Heaters - Tank & Tankless

Why Choose Giant Water Heaters?

GIANT manufactures a complete line of electric, gas-fired and oil-fired residential water heaters using the best raw materials available in Canada. This family-owned business has been around since 1945, based out of Montreal, Quebec. Giant is the only water heater manufacturer that operates 100% in Canada. 

They were also the first major hot water manufacturer to use environmentally friendly insulation – GREENFOAM is a high quality insulator that doesn’t sacrifice the environment in the meantime. All this plus a dependable warranty means you can’t go wrong with Giant water heaters. 

Giant Hot Water Heaters

All hot water tanks are equipped with a glass viewer to check if the pilot light is on, are insulated with green foam blankets, and a high-quality, tamper-proof drain valve. Each unit also comes with a generous warranty. 

Atmospheric – 30 U.S. Gal

This gas-fired, no-rust design is equipped with eco-friendly burners that have pollution-free combustion. There is also the safety feature of FVIR technology that prevents the ignition from flammable items that may be outside your water heater (such as aerosols, gasoline, paint, and paint thinner). A chimney is required for this tank.

Power Vent- 40 U.S. Gal

This gas-fired water heater has a powerful blower assembly. No chimney is required, simply vent through the roof or an exterior wall. This model is equipped with an electronic gas control that has precision temperature control and has history tracking of the error codes. It has a silicon nitride ignitor that improves efficiency by eliminating the energy used by a standing pilot.

Giant Tankless Water Heaters

A great option for when space is an issue, these small designs are energy efficient and provide a continuous hot water supply. It heats only the water passing through it and wastes no space or energy on storing water. These models are about the size of a carry-on suitcase.

Comfort Series UGT-180

This model uses Inner Aluminum Concentric Venting which makes for easy adjustment during installation. This can be connected to multiple plumbing fixtures and provides continuous hot water. It’s also equipped with advanced scale detection designed to help you maintain the health of the unit in the long term.

Performance Series UGTC-152

Performance Series UGTC-152

This energy-efficient water heater stores absolutely no water in a tank. This unit offers an on-demand application. It provides continuous hot water only when you need it! It also comes with a temperature lock feature (to make sure no one is making changes!) and you can hook multiple junctions to one unit. This unit is compatible with PVC/CPVC venting.

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The team at Out of This World Plumbing are the professionals you need to take care of your water heating needs. Our technicians won’t recommend something you don’t need- be it repairs or replacements you can trust our certified, trained team of technicians to get the best solution for your home. 

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