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Ottawa Outdoor Faucet Installation & Repair

An outdoor faucet carries water from the lawn hose for exterior home maintenance— from watering grass and gardens to washing your car. But like everything in your house, without proper care and age, an outdoor tap will need to be repaired or replaced.

An outdoor hose bib can leak, crack, loosen, or detach from poor installation, ageing parts, or weather changes. Ottawa homeowners can be caught off-guard when they see leaking, flooding, or damage in the spring. If that happens to you, reach out to the Ottawa plumbing service experts at Out of This World Plumbing for outdoor faucet repair or replacement in Ottawa. We’ll get an Ottawa plumber to your door ASAP!

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What is the difference between an outdoor faucet and a spigot?

You may also hear outdoor faucets called frost-free hose bibs or outdoor hose spigots.

While the spigot refers to the actual plumbing piece that protrudes from the exterior wall, outdoor faucet care also includes the internal structures and the water line in the home. No matter what someone calls them, an outdoor hose bib is a staple for lawn and homecare.

Many Ottawa homeowners are unaware of or forget to prepare their exterior hose bib for the winter. Simply turning the water valve for the faucet off in the fall can save homeowners massive headaches and flooding in the spring. Running off the remaining water supply in the water line after turning off the shut off valve prevents wear and tear.

The most common hose bib plumbing issue for Ottawa homeowners is a persistent leak from their outdoor faucet. A small leak can, over time, cause significant damage to your Ottawa home while adding a hefty water bill. The winter can be cruel to your outdoor faucet, it’s important to make sure your outdoor faucet is winterized to prevent future issues.

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Expert Help for Your Outdoor Faucets in Ottawa

Out of This World Plumbing will ensure no leaks or faults in the exterior spigot, internal parts, and water line. An experienced plumber at Out of This World will diagnose if your faucet needs a fix or a replacement, complete the work, and answer any questions you might have— often in the same appointment.

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