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If it’s time to replace your bathtub or shower in Ottawa, call the friendly Ottawa plumbing service experts to get help. We’ll make sure the job is done right and we provide a 100% satisfaction guarantee. You’ll be fully advised on what’s involved and the timelines for getting the shower or bathtub you want in the location you want.

With our predictable pricing, there’s no guesswork. We charge by the job, not by the hour. The price you’re quoted is the price you’ll pay once the work is done.

You’ll also get total peace of mind, knowing that our licensed Ottawa plumbers will ensure your new shower or bathtub installation is done correctly for leak-free drainage and maximum lifespan. We’ll even take your old shower or bathtub away, and recycle it if possible.

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Is It Time To Buy A New Shower?

Taking showers should just be a chore, it should be a relaxing and comforting experience. Many things can make you feel that, from glass shower doors,  When you’re considering a new shower installation, there are telltale signs that it’s time to upgrade your bathroom.

  1. Shower Door Problems – Is your shower door continuously getting stuck? Maybe you’re starting to notice rust around the handle or glass beginning to crack and chip? Don’t neglect these issues. These things only get worse over time.
  2. Sputtering Shower Heads – When your shower head begins to lose pressure or starts sputtering, that’s your queue to upgrade your bathroom.
  3. Bathroom Feels Cramped – Bathroom space is so important. Installing a glass shower door or changing tile styles or colours can make your shower space feel bigger.
  4. Old & Dirty Tiles – Tired of looking at your old shower wall and floor? A new tile set can really change the look and feel of your shower. These can be both installed on walls and your floor.
  5. Look For Resale Value – If you’re looking to sell and your shower is old and rundown, a professional shower installation can have a positive impact on your home’s resale value. The new shower installation cost could be worth it in the long run.

Whether interested in a new shower head, shower pan, walk in shower or shower doors, Out of This World Plumbing has the experience to provide you with expert shower installation. Worried about shower installation costs? We can work with you to find the best shower to fit your budget.

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How Long Will It Take to Replace my Bathtub?

For a standard bathtub that fits into a three-walled alcove with a tile surround, it can take anywhere from three days to a week to install a new tub.

  1. Half a day to one full day to rip out the old bathtub and prepare the surrounding walls.
  2. About one day to put the new tub in place and restore the water supply and drainage connections.
  3. One day to re-tile and re-grout.

The water only has to be off for about a day.

Please note this is a best case scenario. As with all renovation projects, you never know what you will find when you open the walls. It is fairly common to open the wall in the shower area and find mould. That may take another day to treat, but it can depend on how much damage is done to any nearby studs.

The straightness of the construction can also add to the project time, as the walls need to be flat for tile to lie smoothly. If you have an older home with lathe and plaster construction, that tends to add time. By the way, if you’ve never had scald prevention valves installed, it would be a great idea to do this while you’re renovating.

If you’re getting a nice spa bathtub with jets, lights or other electrically-powered features, an electrician will need to install a GFI (ground fault interrupt) circuit for safety. GFIs shut down to prevent shocks should water somehow get into contact with the power supply – you often see GFI outlets next to the sink.

What Else is Involved in Bathtub Installation?

Getting a Tub In and Out

Part of the fun of replacing a bathtub is getting the new one into the home and up or down stairs. The old one needs to be removed as well. This can include the following:

  • Removing an external doorway
  • Cutting out drywall in areas, especially when turning the tub is involved.

There may need to be some removals in the bathroom itself in order to get the tub into place. Particularly in small bathrooms, we often have to temporarily remove the toilet, and we many need to do the same for the vanity as well.

Is Your Bathtub Sitting Correctly?

Tubs have to placed carefully to make sure they’re at the right level to ensure all the water drains effectively.

You also need to make sure they’re stable. If the tub rocks even a little when you’re getting in and out, it’s not only unsafe but can strain the plumbing connections and cause leaks.

Installers also need to make sure the pipes are not strained when connecting them to the tub. There can be no mashing the tub on top of the drain pipe, or pushing the pipe back and forth in order to get it into the right place. That will definitely lead to leaks – often deep within the walls where the next connection is located.

Sound can also be an issue. A well-supported tub will have the least amount of squeak from flexation of the bottom if you’re showering and walking back and forth.

Ottawa Bathtub & Shower Installation Experts

When it’s time for bathtub or shower installation in Ottawa, trust the experts at Out of This World. We’ll make sure you end up with a tub and/or shower that you love. We can help you get everything from basic tubs and showers to luxury versions, versions with jets, and more. Then we’ll install your new tub or shower and ensure they are at full functionality.

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Delivering ‘out of this world’ service means more than simply fixing your problem. It means that your home, time, family, and pets are respected. If we fail to deliver this level of service, and you are not 100% satisfied with your service, we will refund up to 100% of your invoice.

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