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Gerber Toilets: Reliable, Powerful, and Efficient

If you’re looking for a great quality new toilet for your home, Gerber provides excellent flushing performance and overall value.

  1. Water-saving design delivers great flushing power with less water. Single and dual-flush HET (high efficiency toilet) models available with EPA WaterSense approval.
  2. Need extra flushing power? Pressure assist toilets available, including some that are WaterSense approved.
  3. Quality parts that resist chemicals in water, cleaning agents, and general corrosion.
  4. Great features like non-kinking stainless steel beaded chains that reduce nuisance issues.
  5. Quieter tank refilling.
  6. Great options like ergonomic heights for people with back or hip issues, and ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) compliance.
  7. Many styles to choose from, including rounded or elongated fronts, single or two piece construction, and concealed trapway/skirted trapway exteriors for sleek appearance and easier cleaning.
  8. Wall-hung and back-outlet models available.
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The Choice of a Top International Hotel Chain

The Avalanche was the choice of the Westin Hotel chain after an 18-month evaluation period with zero performance issues.

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Out of This World Plumbing provides 100% satisfaction guaranteed on our toilet installations. Our friendly professional technicians will answer any questions you have and even tidy up when they’re done. Best of all, you get the full price in advance – no surprise labour fees!

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Some of Our Favourite Gerber Toilet Models

Avalanche Gerber Toilets

You don’t have to compromise on flushing power or a clean bowl to save water.

Avalanche highlights and features:

  1. The tall, slim tank design feeds the water faster through the extra-wide 3″ flapper valve. That gives you more flushing power for less water usage.
  2. Large water surface in bowl helps keep it clean.
  3. Just 1.28 gallons per flush/4.8 litres per flush. A family of 4 will save 8,760 gallons of water a year vs older toilet models with a larger flush volume.
  4. Highest MaP rating possible: 1,000 grams.
  5. WaterSense approved models available
  6. ADA compliant models available.

Viper Gerber Toilet

With most of the great features of the Avalanche, the Viper offers very good flushing power for a lower price point. The main difference is that the Viper has a 2” flapper valve instead of the Avalanche’s 3”.

Viper features:

  1. HET (high efficiency toilet) helps you save on your water bill. Non-HET model available.
  2. WaterSense approved models available.
  3. ADA compliant models available.
  4. Gravity-fed flush with dual fed siphon jet for reliable flushing.
  5. MaP rating of 800 grams (out of 1,000 possible).
  6. Fully glazed trapway to help prevent clogs.
  7. Round or elongated bowl
  8. One or two-piece construction
  9. Multiple rough-in sizes (distance from wall to soil stack ring).
  10. Most models carry a lifetime limited warranty.
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