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Radon gas is a tasteless, odourless, cancer-causing gas that can only be identified by a radon test. Radon is everywhere, and is especially more dominant within the Canadian Shield due to the surplus of rock and minerals that make up the terrain. While it is highest in the provinces of Manitoba and Saskatchewan, radon is present in all homes over the country, including Ottawa.

That’s why the expert Ottawa plumbers at Out of This World also offer a full range of Ottawa radon services, including testing and mitigation.

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What is Radon Gas?

Radon is defined as a radioactive gas given off when uranium (naturally found in the earth, rocks, and — occasionally — water) breaks down or “decays.” Outdoors, radon is not dangerous since it is diluted by mixing with the air. It can be hazardous, though, if it accumulates in an enclosed area (such as a house or other building which was constructed above the earth containing uranium)

Radon is colourless, odourless, and tasteless, making it impossible to detect without proper testing and equipment, and it can cause serious health risks if not treated professionally.

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Why is Radon Gas Bad?

Radon gas is radioactive, as such, prolonged exposure can lead to several health risks, with the greatest one being lung cancer.

Radon is the second leading cause of lung cancer in Canadian smokers, and the first leading cause in Canadian non-smokers. So it’s more important than ever to protect you and your family by mitigating radon gas in your home. One way to do this is by booking a radon test with our certified professionals.

How Can Radon Enter Your Home?

Radon may get into any home in Canada, regardless of the home’s age or condition, whenever the indoor air pressure is less than that of the ground.

The small atoms that make up radon gas can make their way inside from a surprisingly large number of places. Although any point where the house structure comes in contact with the earth is especially vulnerable, radon might enter your house via any one of a number of spots, including:

  • Construction joints
  • Openings for pipes, sewers, and other plumbing systems
  • Porous building materials like concrete or drywall
  • Sump pits or unfinished sump drains
  • Cracks in foundations or basement walls (even those invisible to the naked eye)
  • Unfinished crawl spaces or dirt floors
  • Well water

Once inside, extremely heavy radon atoms usually become most concentrated in the home’s low-lying areas, or smaller, cramped spaces where it is hard to leave, such as a basement or crawl space, small rooms and bedrooms.

When Should You Test for Radon in Your Home?

With the risks of radon in mind, and without knowing if or for how long you or your family could’ve been exposed, the best and safest moment to test your home for radon is now!

At Out of This World, we have licensed and experience experts who can perform your radon testing in Ottawa. Give us a call or schedule your radon test here!

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How Can You Mitigate Radon Gas In Your Home?

Not all homes In Ottawa have concerning levels of radon, but it’s not uncommon for a household to test levels that are higher than the amount deemed safe by Health Canada.

Thankfully, it’s easy to mitigate radon gas in Ottawa. To help lower your risk of health problems resulting from exposure to radon gas, you can test your home’s radon levels and seal any entry points where the levels are highest.

This would mean sealing floor and wall cracks, window joints, sump pump pits and open sockets. This method limits how much radon gas comes into your home, but does not stop it completely.

The best possible way to protect yourself and your family from the effects of radon gas is to have a professional mitigation system installed in your home.

Ottawa Radon Experts

If you’re worried about radon, have any questions or are ready to book Ottawa radon services, reach out to the team at Out of This World. We have C-NRPP trained and certified radon specialists standing by to help keep your family safe.

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Meet our Radon Expert: Trevor Sisson

Trevor is a licensed plumber, gas technician, and is certified in both radon testing and mitigation. He has been an expert on our team since 2015, and you’ll find hundreds of glowing reviews from his customers online!

Trevor became interested in radon mitigation after learning that his home had very high levels. With the health of his family as his primary concern, he took certification courses to learn everything there was to know on the topic. He is now passionate about educating families about radon, and providing solutions for the issue in homes where levels can pose a threat to the health of the families, like yours, that live there.

Radon Testing Pricing

Radon can be tested with a digital short-term general test or a long-term test with lab analysis, for a more accurate reading. If the results from a test reveal that radon levels are potentially unsafe, we will provide a free consultation on mitigation options with a certified professional. Should you proceed with the installation of a system, the cost of the test will be discounted off the work.

If already doing plumbing work, testing is offered at an add-on rate of $99.00.

7-Day Short Term Digital Test


+$250 deposit
Refunded upon safe return of device

Includes set-up, pick-up & consultation

Book 7 Day Test

3-Month Long Term Lab Test


No deposit

Includes set up, pick-up, lab analysis & consultation

Book 3 Month Test

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