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Radon Mitigation Ottawa

You’ve done your research about radon testing. Now you know that carcinogenic radon is a hazard present in many Ottawa residences and that testing is important to determine the level of radon in your own home.

However, in your research, you keep seeing radon mitigation mentioned as a solution. How does radon mitigation in Ottawa work, and how does it prevent high radon levels? And what’s the connection between radon mitigation in Ottawa and radon testing? Do you need both? Keep reading to learn the answers to your questions or simply reach out to the Ottawa radon experts at Out of This World Plumbing today!

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What Is Radon Mitigation in Ottawa & How Does It Work?

As disturbing as it might be to find unacceptably high levels of radon in your home, there is an Ottawa radon mitigation solution, one which is relatively simple and affordable. Professional installation of an Active Soil Depressurization (ASD) mitigation system will redirect radon away from your house interior and quickly reduce the indoor level.

The ASD mitigation system is sealed and consists of 3 main components:

  • PVC pipe, 8-10 cm in diameter, to be inserted into a hole drilled in your foundation
  • Suction pit, which is a hole dug in the soil under your basement floor
  • Fan that pulls radon gas from the suction pit, moving it through the pipe and safely outdoors

Your Ottawa radon mitigation fan will need to be in operation 24 hours a day to safeguard your home. We recommend sealing cracks in your foundation or basement and adding a cover to your sump pit for additional protection.

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When Do I Need Radon Mitigation?

Radon testing and radon mitigation in Ottawa are the basic steps in the process of eliminating unacceptable levels of this dangerous gas and protecting your family. Radon testing is essential to measure radon in a house; however, it is not designed to remove radon. You will need radon mitigation in Ottawa as a follow-up when testing reveals elevated levels, according to these Health Canada guidelines:

  • Under 200 Bq/m3: acceptable amount of radon, no remediation required (although some homeowners will opt for radon mitigation even at this level, as Health Canada states that there is “no safe level of radon”)
  • 200 to 600 Bq/m3: high, action required within 2 years
  • 600 Bq/m3 or above: extremely high, action required within the year

There are 2 types of radon testing: short and long term. Often the short term testing — which takes 7 days — is performed first to give a general indication of radon concentration in a dwelling. If the radon seems to fall within the unacceptable range, long term testing — for 3 to 5 months — may be necessary to track average levels over time.

Types Of Radon Mitigation

Active Soil Depressurization

ASD is the most popular type of radon mitigation in Ottawa. It may be installed in your home’s interior, exterior, or slab. A Health Canada study reports an impressive 90.7 percent average reduction in radon levels using this method.


Interior Active Soil Depressurization is a radon mitigation system commonly installed in a basement or attached garage. As part of a sealed system, radon gas either moves up through your home toward a fan located in the attic or to an exit point in one of your sidewalls, paired with a basement fan. This second Ottawa radon mitigation method is simpler and less expensive to retrofit. In either case, the radon fan proceeds to expel radon safely outdoors. All you’ll need to do is occasionally check a monitor to ensure everything is in good working order.


Exterior Active Soil Depressurization functions very similarly to Interior.

The goal is still to draw radon gas out of your home and release it harmlessly into the air. The main difference is that the pipes are installed on the exterior of the house, and the fan is placed at ground level. Here the advantage is that the Ottawa radon mitigation installer will not have to work around your home’s interior layout.


Slab Active Soil Depressurization is suitable for houses built atop a slab-on-grade foundation. Initially, a hole 10-15 cm in diameter is drilled into the slab. After concrete dust and dirt are cleared out of the hole, a PVC pipe is installed leading to your roofline. This pipe will be the conduit that directs radon gas from your foundation level and expels it above the roof.

Crawlspace Sub-Membrane Depressurization

Sub-Membrane Depressurization is the best type of radon mitigation in Ottawa for a house built over a crawl space which has a floor of dirt or gravel. The floor is sealed with a heavy plastic membrane. Then pipes and a radon fan are installed to vent radon gas outside the home, just as with the preceding methods.

Installing a Mitigation System in Your Home

Ottawa radon mitigation systems are ventilating systems that suck out radon gas and expel it outdoors where it can dissipate into the air. These systems are usually placed close to a basement wall and stick into the ground (below your foundation) and suck out the gas from the sub-floor and soil before it enters your home. By creating this vacuum seal, your home is protected far better from the gas than any other technique.

Professional Ottawa radon mitigation technicians are certified under the Canadian National Radon Proficiency Program (C-NRPP) and can test and secure your home from radon gas.

Our Out Of This World Home Services team can bring radon mitigation technology to your home to keep you, your family (and of course, your pets!) safe.

How Much Does it Cost to Install an Ottawa Radon Mitigation System?

The cost of installing a system for radon mitigation in Ottawa will vary from home to home. If upon completing a radon test, levels come back above the recommended safety limit, then we will include a free consultation and quote for the installation. If you do choose to go ahead with the radon mitigation system, the price of the test will be discounted from the installation cost.

Ottawa Radon Mitigation Specialists

If you need radon mitigation in Ottawa, trust Out of This World Plumbing. Our team includes C-NRPP trained and certified radon mitigation specialists. Reach out to us today and ask about the right Ottawa radon mitigation system to protect your family!

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Radon Testing Pricing

Radon can be tested with a digital short-term general test or a long-term test with lab analysis, for a more accurate reading. If the results from a test reveal that radon levels are potentially unsafe, we will provide a free consultation on mitigation options with a certified professional. Should you proceed with the installation of a system, the cost of the test will be discounted off the work.

If already doing plumbing work, testing is offered at an add-on rate of $99.00.

7-Day Short Term Digital Test


+$250 deposit
Refunded upon safe return of device

Includes set-up, pick-up & consultation

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3-Month Long Term Lab Test


No deposit

Includes set up, pick-up, lab analysis & consultation

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