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Our plumbers in Barrhaven are standing by, ready to help you with any plumbing problems you’re having at home. Call ASAP to schedule your appointment so we can get to you fast and help you find the solutions you need. We will work with you to make sure your plumbing is working the way you need it to before we leave.

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Barrhaven Plumbing Services

Since we hire Barrhaven plumbers who have been in the business for years, there’s no plumbing issue we can’t solve. After all, we have seen it all before and we know what to do. Even your biggest plumbing problems won’t scare our team away!

Call us for the Ottawa plumbing services in Barrhaven below:

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Barrhaven Drains & Sewers

Stop worrying about your drains and sewers and get the solutions you need today, instead. Give us a call to get Barrhaven plumbers who will diagnose your plumbing problem accurately, figure out the best way to repair it, and get right to work. No matter what you’re facing with your drains and sewers, we’ll find you the solutions you’ve been looking for.

Call us now for help with:

Barrhaven Water Treatment

Make sure you and your family are drinking and bathing in fresh, clean water when you contact our Barrhaven plumbing team about water treatment today. We can take a sample and test your water, then install a solution specific to any problems we discover during that test. We can maintain and repair water treatment systems, too!

Call us anytime you need:

  • Water Softeners
  • Reverse Osmosis
  • UV Water Treatment
  • Water Quality Testing


Barrhaven Radon Services

At Out of This World, we have trained experts that handle our Barrhaven radon services, including radon testing and radon mitigation, to help ensure your family stays safe.

  • Radon testing: Our team can perform one of two types of radon tests to determine if you have a dangerous level of radon in your home. Once the test is complete, we send it over to a lab and get the results back to you quickly.
  • Radon mitigation: If radon levels in your home are high, we’ll perform radon mitigation. We offer several solutions when it comes to getting rid of radon and we’ll work with you to determine the best option for your home.

If you’re worried about the possibility of radon in your Barrhaven home, give us a call or schedule a radon test here!

Residential Plumbing in Barrhaven

Barrhaven is a bustling community established as a suburb of Ottawa in the 1960s. The population census in 2016 states almost 90,000 people call Barrhaven home. Most housing stock in Barrhaven will be between 15 and 55 years old — not exactly historic, but no longer young, either.

One of the ways Barrhaven homes are showing their age is with the increasing numbers of plumbing issues. Out of This World has completed thousands of plumbing repairs in Barrhaven, and we’ve taken note of common issues you are likely to find in each neighbourhood.

Plumber truck in Barrhaven next to Vimy Memorial Bridge

Out of This World Barrhaven Plumbing Services

Rely on the plumbers that Barrhaven has trusted for years. Call us at Out of This World Plumbing today or anytime you need plumbing help at home. We’ll get to you fast and then we won’t stop working until your problem is resolved. Make your appointment now!

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Plumbing Pro Tip for Barrhaven Homeowners

Water Leaks & Clogged Drains

Barrhaven is home to many families, and a larger household increases your risk of a blocked drain –especially a blocked toilet. Usually, you can clear the blockage with your trusty plunger. If you have trouble, you could be using the wrong type of plunger or the wrong technique.

Old Barrhaven & Barrhaven South

Home ages: 30-55 years

Most of the times we visit customers in this area of Barrhaven, it’s because of a leak. Water marks on ceilings and leaking shutoff valves, toilets and faucets are very common when homes get to this age.

IMPORTANT: If you live here, ensure that your main water valve is functional. Find where the water comes into your basement and give the valve a twist – careful, it may be sticky as this valve tends to seize after decades of disuse.

Barrhaven East

Home ages: 15-25 years

Fixtures, pipes, and valves may start to show signs of wear in local homes. Customers often report leaking shutoff valves or leaky pipes under the kitchen sink or behind the toilet.

Central Barrhaven

Home ages: 20-40 years

Toilets and faucets original to the house are often coming to the end of their life, and require replacement. Pipes and valves may begin to leak, especially under the kitchen sink. While many fixtures are still in good condition – many owners of homes in this age range are looking for upgrades or updates to their washrooms and kitchens.

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