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Our plumbing team from Out of This World Plumbing is here to help you whenever you need a reliable plumber in Carleton Place. We offer a complete line of plumbing services, so we are always here to help you out no matter what is going on with your home.

Because many homes in Carleton Place are on the waterfront, flooding is a big concern, as well as water quality since some homes draw water from wells. We’ve been helping homeowners with these issues and more over the years, so you can rely on our trusted team to help you, too. Reach out to our expert Carleton Place plumbers today!

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Areas We Serve

Carleton Place Plumbing Services

When it comes to your plumbing, there’s nothing we won’t do for you. Our Ottawa plumbing services in Carleton Place are comprehensive, so we’ll work with you to make sure you get what you need, when you need it. Our team has years of experience working in plumbing, so we’ll do whatever it takes to get your home working again. Our most popular services include:

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Carleton Place Drains & Sewers

When you need sewer services or drain services in Carleton Place, rely on our team. We even offer emergency services, so when you need us fast, we can get there ASAP. Call now, or anytime you need:

Carleton Place Water Treatment

Our water treatment experts will test your water, then implement the best water quality solutions for you. We’ll make sure you have fresh, clean water to drink and that you and your family don’t have to live with hard water.

Contact us as soon as you think you need help with water quality in Carleton Place. We’ll work with you to make sure you have great water every time you need it. Our solutions include:

  • Water Softeners
  • Reverse Osmosis
  • UV Water Treatment
  • Water Quality Testing

Carleton Place Radon Services

At Out of This World, we have trained experts that handle our Carleton Place radon services, including radon testing and radon mitigation, to help ensure you stay safe at home.

  • Radon testing: Our team can perform one of two types of radon tests to determine if you have a dangerous level of radon in your home. Once the test is complete, we send it over to a lab and get the results back to you quickly.
  • Radon mitigation: If radon levels in your home are high, we’ll perform radon mitigation. We offer several solutions when it comes to getting rid of radon and we’ll work with you to determine the best option for your home.

If you’re worried about the possibility of radon in your Carleton Place home, reach out to us or schedule a radon test here!

Residential Plumbing in Carleton Place

Carleton Place is a historically and culturally-rich town in the Ottawa Valley that offers the slow-paced country life feel while being conveniently located near the city. Because many homes in Carleton Place are on the waterfront, flooding is a big concern.

You can count on us! Out of This World has been serving the Ottawa area since 2004, so we know the houses and we have the expertise to meet all your plumbing needs—from water quality management to sump pump installation, our team has your back.

Get Carleton Place Plumbing Help Now!

Call us at Out of This World Plumbing now or anytime you need our services. A plumber in Carleton Place will be there soon and we won’t rest until your issue is completely resolved. Make your appointment now!

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Plumbing Pro Tip for Carleton Place & Beckwith Homeowners

Sump Pumps

Over half of the homes in Carleton Place will require a sump pump to protect against flooding. These systems last an average of about 10 years and should be monitored and tested regularly. Especially during the spring when the snow melts. We also recommend that you periodically check to ensure your discharge line is clear of any blockages. It may be worth considering a battery backup sump pump in the event the primary pump fails, or in case there’s ever a power outage.

Carleton Place

Carleton Place is ever growing, and new housing developments are continuing to be built as the town becomes an increasingly popular place to live. With a combination of old homes and new properties, we are called out to the town for a wide variety of plumbing requests.

In the newer neighbourhoods, we are frequently upgrading fixtures from the builder choices to more stylish models that better suit the homeowners preferences.

In older neighbourhoods, we are most often called to clear a blocked drain. Over long periods of time, things like grease, soap scum, toothpaste, and hair accumulate in the pipes—making them prone to blockages. Homes that have mature trees in the front yard are also at risk for a mainline blockage if the roots have made their way into the main drainage line. If you think your home could be at risk of tree root invasion, we recommend having a camera inspection performed to identify potential issues before they turn into a plumbing disaster.

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