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When you need help with your home’s plumbing or water systems, contact us at Out of This World Plumbing ASAP. We promise to send a skilled plumber to your home to find the problem and fix it fast.

No matter what is going on, we have the experience and expertise to handle it and to make sure you and your family have reliable plumbing and water systems again soon. Don’t hesitate to call because we are here to help!

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Areas We Serve

Our Dunrobin Plumbing Services

We offer a complete list of Ottawa plumbing services in Dunrobin. Contact us anytime you need a plumbing repair, plumbing installation, plumbing maintenance, plumbing remodel, or plumbing testing. There’s nothing we won’t do to get your plumbing working well again soon.

Our plumbers in Dunrobin are ready to tackle anything. The following are what we get calls for the most often:

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Dunrobin Drains & Sewers

We can tackle anything and everything that has to do with your drains and sewers, too. Whenever possible, we will use trenchless repair methods, which means we won’t have to dig up your yard or tear down your walls to get to the places that are causing problems. Our plumbers can evaluate your issue, then let you know what will work for you.

Our drain and sewer services in Dunrobin include:

Dunrobin Water Treatment

Don’t try to live with water that you don’t enjoy drinking! If your water has a bad taste or a bad smell, or if its colour seems off, call us. If you are struggling with hard water, let us know so we can help you find a water treatment system that will work for you. No matter what sort of water issue you’re facing, we have solutions that can help!

Our solutions include:

  • Water Softeners
  • Reverse Osmosis
  • UV Water Treatment
  • Water Quality Testing

Dunrobin Radon Services

Radon gas can enter your home through foundation cracks, basement pipe joints, or drains. A colourless, flavourless, and odourless gas, it’s crucial to find out if your house has radon since radon exposure can have negative health impacts, including lung cancer.

At Out of This World, we have trained professionals that handle our radon services in Dunrobin, including radon testing and radon mitigation, to help keep your family safe.

  • Radon testing: Our team can perform one of two types of radon tests to determine if you have a dangerous level of radon in your home. Once the test is complete, we send it over to a lab and get the results back to you quickly.
  • Radon mitigation: If radon levels in your home are high, we’ll perform radon mitigation. We offer several solutions when it comes to getting rid of radon and we’ll work with you to determine the best option for your home.

If you’re worried about the possibility of radon in your Dunrobin home, just reach out to us or schedule a radon test here!

Call Out of This World for Dunrobin Plumbing Help Today!

Call us at Out of This World Plumbing whenever you need a plumber in Dunrobin that you can count on. We will get there fast and work efficiently so your home will be back to normal soon. Reach out now and we will be there soon and fix your plumbing fast.

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