Water Softeners & Treatment

Do any of these common water complaints sound familiar?

  • Stains in your sinks, toilets, and showers
  • Cloudy film on your dishes that can never seem to get clean
  • White calcium build up around your faucets
  • Water that smells like rotten eggs
  • Dry skin and brittle hair that doesn’t lather in the shower
  • Hot water is suddenly too hot

We can help with all of these water problems, and more!

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Our Water Treatment Solutions

Water Softeners

Water softeners are used to treat dissolved minerals (primarily calcium and magnesium) in your water, which is referred to as ‘hard water’. Levels of hardness are measured in grains per gallon (GPG). Water softeners are highly recommended for households that have water above 7GPG. Most of the well water supplied homes in the Greater Ottawa Area have hardness levels between 15-30GPG. 

Learn about the pros and cons of water softener.

Not all softeners are the same. The right softener for your home will depend on the size of the home, number of people in the household, and the level of hardness and iron. Booking a free water test and consult will determine what softener will best treat your water.

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Iron & Sulfur Treatment

Iron is notorious for ruining fixtures, and the rotten egg smell of sulfur in your water can be unbearable. Neither contaminants are harmful to your health, but if you have either of these in your water, you will likely want to have them removed. We can help! We treat iron and low-to-moderate levels of sulfur with an Air Induction Oxidizer System. These systems do not use chemicals and are easy to maintain. High levels of sulfur will need to be treated with a peroxide system.

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Reverse Osmosis

Single use water bottles are wasteful and expensive, and purchasing bottled water does not guarantee that you are getting high quality drinking water. Reverse osmosis filters out chlorine, iron, pesticides, fluoride, dissolved solids (and more) from your drinking water. Installing an R.O. system at your kitchen sink will provide you with the purest possible drinking water. We also supply and install whole-home reverse osmosis systems.

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Chloramine & Chlorine Removal

City of Ottawa water is perfectly safe to drink & bathe in, but it does have a rather high chloramine content. Municipal wells in Carp, Almonte, & Kemptville are treated with high levels of chlorine. While not harmful, a common complaint from homeowners is that they can taste and smell it at times. Chlorine and chloramines may also irritate people with certain skin & health conditions. Customers who have installed one of these systems often report improved taste, skin and hair.

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Kinetico Home Water Systems

We are proud to be a certified dealer of Kinetico Home Water Systems! Kinetico leads the way in water treatment innovation, manufacturing some of the best water conditioning systems on the market. Their diverse selection of water solutions have an excellent reputation in the industry – but don’t take it from us! Kinetico’s high quality products have earned a 4.5/5 satisfaction rating from Consumer Affairs, with over 400 reviews from happy customers.


What Makes Kinetico Products so Special?

  • Non-electric: powered by the force of moving water
  • Longer life spans, as they have no electrical components to fail
  • Best warranties in the industry
  • Water softeners feature a twin tank design which means you have clean, treated water at all time- even during regeneration
  • Softeners use less salt than other systems, due to a highly efficient metered regeneration process

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Where We Go

We are happy to service all of Ottawa and the surrounding area, including:


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