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water treatment

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Ottawa Water Treatment Solutions

Out of This World Plumbing can install the right treatment system for your needs. We can help with any kind of water quality issues like:

  • Hard water and scale buildup
  • Bad chemical smells (like the “rotten eggs” smell) coming from your plumbing
  • Water that’s a dark colour
  • Particles of grit
  • Treating for bacteria and other microbes
  • Treating for chemicals you’d rather not be drinking

We are experienced in solving water quality problems for city and rural residents alike. If you have consistently noticed any of these problems with your water, give us a call for expert water treatment in Ottawa!


Take Control of Your Water Quality

If you’ve noticed any combination of these issues in your home, the water you’re drinking and bathing in can be treated to become clear, pure, top-quality water thanks to the Ottawa water treatment services we offer, including:

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Water Quality Testing

Our team can test your water if you are concerned about substances in it. We’ll make sure we get a good sample, then help you determine what’s in your water that may cause problems. Once we know, we’ll help you get the solutions you need based on our findings.

Water Softeners

When it comes to water treatment in Ottawa, water softeners are common when the water is hard. This simply means that it has high concentrations of certain minerals. These won’t hurt you, but they can leave spots on your dishes and be hard on your clothes. Our systems remove them fast.

Reverse Osmosis

Reverse osmosis removes minerals and other substances from your water by forcing it through a certain kind of membrane, which acts as a filter for these. Your Ottawa water treatment team will install one if we think it’s the best option for you.

UV Water Treatment

UV water treatment helps keep your water free from harmful substances and can improve both its taste and smell, too. After we assess your water, we can install a UV water treatment solution in Ottawa if we believe it will take care of your water issues.

Contact Our Team for Ottawa Water Treatment Solutions Today!

When you need help with water treatment in Ottawa, our skilled team will be there for you. Give us a call today to get an appointment soon and get fresh, clean water ASAP.

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