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We assume that our water is 100% safe 100% of the time. But water main breakages, road work, and other situations may cause contamination problems. In rural areas, highly mineralized water from wells can cause wear and tear on our plumbing and appliances. Places need water softener; Manotick has iron and sulphur in their water, while just outside Kanata has chlorine hardness.

If you suspect problems with your water supply, you may need a water softener or specialized water filter.

We can install the right treatment system from quality brands like Kinetico water softeners and Novo water softeners.

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The faucets, the kettle have remained sparkling clean since the install with only a quick wipe. The shower doors are no longer a daily chore to keep clean. The water feels silky to the touch. It is an amazing system and I wish we had known about it years ago. Highly recommend the Kinetico system as well as the Out of This World) team … (2017)
Brian and Nancy
North Gower, Ontario

Areas We Service For Water Softeners

The Ottawa area isn’t necessarily known for having hard water and needing water treatment equipment, but the surrounding area can have soft water issues. These areas all have higher water hardness and may need water filtration:

  • Carp
  • Dunrobin
  • Woodlawn
  • Kinburn
  • Almonte
  • Carleton Place
  • Beckwith
  • Munster
  • Richmond
  • Manotick
  • Greely
  • Kempville
  • North Gower 

Water analysis is recommended in these areas, and well water is typically in need of a water filtration system. We can help you solve your water problems! Skip the bottled water and get softened water in your home before you know it.

What Is Hard Water & Why Is It Bad?

The term “hard water” may not be a new one to you- but you may not know exactly what it is!

While your tap water may be crystal clear to the naked eye, it can contain dissolved minerals like calcium and magnesium. It comes from the groundwater absorbing the minerals before entering the water system. These minerals aren’t bad for your health, the drinking water can taste “off” and cause plumbing issues.

The scale buildup from this sediment can damage your appliances like the dishwasher or coffee maker. It also builds up in your pipes, faucets, and showerhead until they get blocked completely. It may not appear first as blocked pipes, soap scum in your shower or sink, as well as leaving your hair and skin dry and lusterless.

We Can Help With Any Kind of Water Quality

Out of This World Plumbing can install the right treatment system for your needs. We can help with any kind of water quality issues like:

  • Hard water and scale buildup.
  • Bad chemical smells (like the “rotten eggs” smell) coming from your plumbing.
  • Water that’s a dark colour.
  • Particles of grit.
  • Treating for bacteria and other microbes.
  • Treating for chemicals you’d rather not be drinking.

We are experienced in solving water quality problems for city and rural residents alike. If you have consistently noticed any of these problems with your water, give us a call.

How Much Does It Cost To Install A Water Softener?

Installing a water softener will cost between $1,200 and upwards of $3,000, including the system plus professional installation. It isn’t easy to give a precise estimate before talking with you and assessing your needs. In addition to a water quality test that will show how hard your water is (and whether it contains other impurities), we’ll consider factors like the square footage of your home and the number of household members. We can then suggest a reasonable system and share all our knowledge on the best way to care for and maintain your system.

Novo Water Softener and Filtration Systems

Our Water Softener Brands

Our knowledgeable team is certified for the installation and repair of many different brands of water softeners.

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Kinetico Water Softeners

Kinetico leads the way in water treatment innovation, manufacturing some of the best water conditioning systems on the market. Their diverse selection of water solutions has an excellent reputation in the industry – but don’t take it from us! Kinetico’s high-quality products have earned a 4.5/5 satisfaction rating from Consumer Affairs, with over 400 reviews from happy customers. They have a variety of water treatment systems – from whole-home water softeners to drinking stations for a single space.

Novo Water Softeners

Novo offers many great models of water softeners and water filters that will remove water hardness, and make your home water system more efficient in the long run.

With NSF-certified plastics, pressure tanks, and control valves, Novo products aren’t prone to the usual problems that plague water softeners like cracked collars, valve issues and bursting.

They have reverse osmosis systems as well as high-efficiency water softeners that would be a great addition to any home.

Not every new water system is perfect for your home. We can suggest a great product to get your water filtration to the best it can be.

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