Free Water Quality Test for Ottawa Area Residents

See the results right before your eyes with our in-home testing service.

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What do you test for?

We test for water hardness, iron, sulfur, TDS (total dissolved solids), and chloramines (if you live in the city).

All tests are done in your home site as part of our free in-home consultation.

We are experienced in solving water quality problems for city and rural residents alike. If you have consistently noticed any of these problems with your water complete the form, and one of our experts will contact you.

We will help you decide you need a water softener or reverse osmosis system.

Why Choose Kinetico Water Treatment Systems

Kinetico provides some of the most effective water softener and water treatment systems money can buy.

Effective treatment

Effective treatment of hard water, excess iron, “smelly” water with too much sulfur, chlorine removal, chloramine removal.

No electricity needed

powered by the energy in running water.

Two tanks

Two tanks mean you never run out of treated water.

Great warranties!

The faucets, the kettle have remained sparkling clean since the install with only a quick wipe. The shower doors are no longer a daily chore to keep clean. The water feels silky to the touch. It is an amazing system and I wish we had known about it years ago. Highly recommend the Kinetico system as well as the Out of This World) team … (2017)
Brian and Nancy
North Gower, Ontario