BioOne Drain Maintenance — Buy 2 Get 1 Free

Prevent blocked drains with BioOne drain treatment!

Many drain clogs are caused by organic matter like hair, oils and soap scum. Over time they build up inside your plumbing and eventually lead to clogs.

These days, we tend to use anti-bacterial hand sanitizers, and when these go down the drain they kill off the natural bacteria that would normally eat the build up and keep it in check. BioOne replenishes the bacteria, and they do the rest. It’s the same principle as eating probiotic foods like yogurt to help keep your digestive system healthy. Because BioOne is a solution of good bacteria, and not chemicals, it is safe for people, pets, pipes, and the planet!

You can use BioOne in kitchen drains, bathroom drains and in your toilet (it’s safe for septic systems). It can be used to remove minor clogs and should be used monthly to prevent clogs in your plumbing waste lines. Each bottle is good for 32 treatments.

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