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UV Water Treatment

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UV Water Treatment Ottawa

To keep your pipes running smoothly, to keep your clothes lasting longer, and to prevent added expenses with your hot water heater- you may want to look into UV water treatment in Ottawa.

To find out if this is the right step for you, reach out to our Ottawa water treatment experts today! We would be happy to do a free water quality test, recommend the right UV water treatment systems for you, and make sure your system is installed properly.

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Viqua Water Treatment Systems

Viqua (Trojan) has many effective UV water filtration systems, including single-tap and whole-home models, that will keep your water safe and your family healthy. Out of This World Plumbing is a trained and certified installer of Viqua (Trojan) single-tap and whole-home water treatment systems in the Ottawa Region.

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How Viqua Systems Can Help with Hard Water Issues

Hard water comes from high levels of calcium, magnesium and other minerals that cause odors, taste, and buildup in your pipes.

In Ottawa, installing a Viqua filtration system could help with the inconveniences and issues with hard water that many Ottawa residents (both on residential and well water) struggle with. Issues such as:

  • Bad odors & tastes (such as salt, chlorine, or rotten eggs)
  • Iron or black staining, tarnishing
  • Cloudy water, silt, sediment, or metal particles
  • Leaky faucet or toilet (due to chlorine decaying rubber seals)
  • Pinhole leaks in pipes (due to corrosive chloramines)
  • Low flow rate on taps and showerheads
  • Shortened life span of water heaters
  • Decreased effectiveness of soap and detergent
  • Dull hair and dry, flaky skin

Viqua (Trojan) Single Tap Water Filtration

UV filtration systems disinfect the water with ultraviolet light- meaning absolutely nothing is added to the water. The UV light sterilizes the water by scrambling the DNA of any organisms in the water (such as bacteria and viruses like E.Coli) to prevent them from reproducing and making you sick.

These systems are incredibly effective, killing up to 99.9% of microorganisms. All integrated Viqua systems also include a pre-filter carbon cartridges for extra effectiveness.

Viqua (Trojan) Whole-Home Water Treatment

Whole home water treatment (also referred to as point-of-entry systems) are configured at the main water source to the home and provide clean, sanitized, and debris-free water to the entire house. This means you don’t have to worry about buildup in pipes or reduced efficiency in showers and toilets. It also means you are using the cleanest water possible for cleaning yourself, your teeth, and your clothes- for the whole family. Out of This World Plumbing recommends whole-home water treatment to Ottawa residents.

Ottawa UV Water Filtration Pros

If you’re concerned about your water quality, reach out to Out of This World Plumbing about UV water treatment solutions! Once we determine what is going on with your water supply, we’ll help you find the perfect Ottawa UV water treatment solution, then we’ll get it installed for you. We’ll show you how everything works, and we won’t leave until you’re satisfied with your new Viqua water system!

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